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Friday, March 26, 2010


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I agree that the times should not be thrown out, those kids do work hard and deserve recognition. In order to create a more accurate picture the times could be adjusted according to standard practices throughout the State of Texas to reflect a more accurate picture. Maybe this could close down any person that is bent out of shape about the rankings. It is more important to remember that supporting the kids is the most important part of high school athletics, colleges look at dyestat not the local papers. It is only the parents that want to brag who care, the kids really don't mind it.

You will not want to miss the Montwood Invitational in two weeks, it is going to have some of the fastest runners (5A and 4A) in the city all in the same place, only happens two or three times a season (if we are lucky).


Keep an eye out for Montwood's Stephanie Sazo in the 100 yard dash. She is ranked 2nd according to the EPTimes and is out to prove that she deserves to be there or higher. Good Luck Sazo!


Unfortunately, she is going to have to run faster than the unadjusted hand time ahead of her to get her ranking. I have yet to see her even pushed at a meet, and yet she is second.


Maybe it is because she was busy helping her soccer team reach the playoffs. Dont forget she qualified for regionals as a sophmore along with two seniors (Rachel Mack and Keisha King). Unadjusted time or not she deserves to be where she is and will only get better now that she can concentrate on track 100% of the time. GO SAZO!


Maybe you were confused, I was talking about Sazo. All of the meets I have been to where she ran, she was not even pushed hard to win. She is an outstanding athlete and will only set records in the next couple of meets. What I was referring to about the situation is that she does not deserve 2nd she deserves 1st. I have actually seen her try to balance both sports and she is incredible.


Awesome job today Sazo! Glad your back....


Sazo? What about HENDERSON from Andres!? Ha!!! She's way faster


HENDERSON???? HA!!!!! Sazo ran a 12.7 FAT time this past weekend which clearly beats her:) Sazo is now THE fastest girl in the city.

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