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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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sue vasquez

I agree, Angela Vines and priscilla jordan are great players. They know the game and I wont be surprised if both of them go to college and continue to play, especially the dominant post Angela.

Terrence Daniels

dang len...where do i start? first i have to say the most impressive performance i saw all season was cori minjarez the night riverside played parkland at parkland. she finished with 37 and played solid all game. as stated this was parkland multi-time district champs, season favorites, the goliaths at home and she stepped on the court and basically said "so. i'm here to ball." and that she did. janelle perez from horizon has got to be the fastest player i've seen. oh wait not just that but at her size to see her move that quick is, to quote spock, "fascinating." maybe not much was written about bowie, but alex saenz is a really good guard and again at her size for her to do the things she does is amazing. finally i must step out of el paso because my favorite team to watch is mayfield and if you haven't seen mayfield you are truly missing out.

Terrence Daniels

open apology to aaron. sorry for giving the wrong credit to this blog to len and not you. that's what i get for my evelyn wood speed reading ;)

Scott Neal

My daughter plays for Chapin and we played Mayfield. Now don't get me wrong, they are a good team, but they are not that impressive. You have to look at the state they come from, maybe only 12 5A-schools in the whole state. But, Terry I know how you are big on those New Mexico players. Some really good ones have come from that state, but El Paso by far produces better players. Next year will be an even better year for El Paso players, especially at Chapin.


Lenny or Aaron,
Did the Girls Basketball All-District article already run in the paper? I must have missed it.
What date did it run please??

Sports Picks

Your posts, are awesome....
very well written...i am one of your regular readers...

roberto upton

i think the city officials are bias when it comes to the girls wrestling. andress has a 215lb wrestler who has not lost to anyone in the city and has placed at least third in district and regionals and she is an a-b student and she doesn,t even get a ranking.she can compete with the guys if you let herroberto will she get ranked then.this is not the 60s anymore.be fair give the her ranking that she deserves.

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