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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


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That was a horrible call on the refs part and he had been making several bad calls the entire night. The outcome of the game should have been very different.


Deserae,I agree some of the calls were not perfect,but they were going both ways. I have been attending these rivalry games for several years and I know these calls are just part of the game. Chalk up a victory to the lady Tigers.


Deserae, One more comment, Good luck to the Lady Mustangs at playoffs.


To comment the Tigers, Culeros to the them. Wonder how much the refs were paid under the table to call that game? Especially since one ref is best friends and drinking buddies with the coach from El Paso High.


Honestly i think everyone knows that the game should have gone to the Lady mustangs. The replay shows that she did not touch the net, thats poor judgment of the ref to call that. I know that bein a ref may be a hard thing to do because your in a position were you have to handle the coaches, players and the fans just screaming at you left and right, but the fact that he called that call at that exact moment when it was match point its just unreal. I wish they could just call a challenge.


Im sorry but i just finished watching the game and the last call was a blown call. Lopez did the same thing on the next set i mean it looked identical to where she got called for touching the net only this time the ref didn't call anything. As great as the game was the outcome was dictated by a bad call. good luck to both teams in playoffs hopefully we get to see them play again.


I also just watched the game and totally agree with Mr. Jurado. She did not touch the net. Thanks Lenny for calling it, I know I watched the game a lot closer and I hope everyone at EPISD and the refs saw it too.

EPH are beast

One thing that no on has said is that Julia Lopez herself knew that she had touched the net. Even more remarkable is that she knew exactly with what part of her body she hit the new with. I also think that it is a shame that people have to take away from a well fought match put on my to outstanding programs. Especially with the comments about the refs being bribed and about coach Morales. El Paso High volleyball is upsatanding and played with integrity just as Mustang Volleyball is played. So no one diserves to take anything away from either one of these great teams.




having seen the replay several times Julia Lopez absolutly never touched the net. the comment was whether she touched the line with her Toe!! Yes its ture both teams were there to win. The match could have gone either way... in reality the game was over when julia blocked the hit. What ref calls a violation when both teams knew the game was over... On the front page of the sports Dairio on oct 15 its shows julia going for a block and her body is away from the net..that kid is trained not to touch the net!!! its evident who won the macth. If she had played at her 100% El Paso Hg. would have lost in three games no DOUBT!!!!


Just be happy that at least Burges got Co-Champs..I mean how long has it been? It's funny how every call made, Burges was crying about it....and the sad thing is that IT IS ON T.V....That is wrong to say that Coach Morales and the ref are drinking buddies, shows what class the Burges fans have...That is so childish and immature, and if it was a parent who commented on that, then that's sad because if anything, an adult should not be spreading rumors or saying things like that....Oh and one more thing, sure Lopez was hurt, but how come every time she got a good kill, she was fine, but when she would mess up, she would grab her wrist and and cry about her wrist????? Hmmmm???? What is up with that?


haha listen all of you BURGES rules in volleyball thats the truth we come we see we conquer thats how mustangs roll and plus we have the best fans in the world louder than anyone haha yo si le voy le voy al la burges haha over rated el paso high we beat them in every sport this year haha 09 baby

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