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Thursday, April 03, 2008


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wayne thornton

This is the greatest year of High School Boy's Soccer. We in the City Parks and Recreation Department have had the Senior Showcase to honor the outstanding high school seniors in Soccer since 1989. In 1999 we named the 100 greatest male and female soccer players of all time.

And now look in almost the 25th year depending on who you talk to this is the greatest year.Congrats to all the players and coaches.

This also should be the last sporting event at Del Valle High School Football field under that particular name.

After today's soccer game between Del Valle and Canutillo High School let it be forever known as Bruce Reichman Stadium.

Reichman , of course is the ultra succesful boys soccer coach at Del Valle and the only coach the school has ever known.

He is the third winningest Soccer Coach in the State of Texas. (Did you hear me 3rd.) A State Title, Three Final Fours....and the list goes on and on.

He has 13 bi-district championships in 25 years, an amazing stat. No soccer coach in El Paso history ever has more a more prestigious record. Not just winning in which Mr. Reichman is off the chart, but in terms of the type of player that graduates from him being their coach. Solid citizens, humble human beings and most importantly good people.

Bruce Reichman Stadium, that should be the name, so get ready Ysleta School District Officials. I will be seeing you next week, as this is definitely an honor to be bestowed on not only a tremendous coach but also a great teacher.

Bruce Reichman Stadium, the home of the Del Valle Conquistadores, you deserve it sir.

Michael Gatewood

GOT-INK......... I am totally up-set and very disapointed at the lack of support and media attention from the El Paso times,the TV net-works and any other media news coverage,El Paso has the number #1, 400 meter runner in the nation(US)Kendra Chambres..Hanks high school,who is going to compete here in El Paso at UTEP,we have the number# 1, 400 meter runner in the state Chris Muncie of Montwood HS,also the number #1 triple-jumper in the state Jessica Ubanyiowu of Eastwood HS,now I know the media is busy but the Distric 1-5A Track and Field championship just took place at Hanks High School from Tuesday April 2 ending Friday April 4th now I could be wrong, I hope I am,but I did not see one reporter,cameraman or woman,or anybody looking for a story at the meet,there were plenty of great stories to go around, I though so,how often does one city have three of the top athletes in the state, in El Paso too.I think this is pertty good seeing we are competing with Dallas,Houston,SA ,last time I checked they were all larger than El Paso so any time we can beat them out I would say thats news-worthy.The kids have worked so hard I would think that the city would want to recognize them and the coaches for a job well done.The small corner of the paper they gave the Distric track story....well that was not even close to what they deserved.A kid stole a walkman from Wal-mart and that was front page news,now they are great track stars, state and nation wide and we have a shortage of reporters and camera equipment...shane on the media.Are we all so negative now,is that all that will sell,when a kid does bad we are quick to condemn,when they do good we should be quick to praise.Lets get'er done...

Blazer mania

Muncie does roids, that is why he is soooo fast. I have already emailed UIL and do not be surprised if he is one of the first ones tested!!!!

Michael Gatewood

Comments: To blazer maina, do you or your sources who ever they may be have any proof,are or you just spreading rumors,gossiping,or is this I heard it through the grapevine?I just do not think for one minute that this kid is doing that,I have watched him work hard,train and become better over a period of time,years as a matter of fact.It does not take a person years to become great on the stuff(roids)If you have no proof you should not be making those accusations,this is a kid we are talking about not a professional making millions $$$$$$$$$.Do you have any children?Well I do,and I just do not think this is the best way to handle this even if it is true,and I for one do not believe it is.

Blazer mania

I know another kid that specifically told me he was doing them with him! Of course I will not give out any names just tell him too keep a close look over his shoulder! And why do people on this blog get mad when somebody says something negative or true about somebody!!! It does not say Posative comments only!!

Michael Gatewood

Comments; Well Blazer mania a kid told you they are both doing roids,and I only hear you talking about one of the kids,what about the other kid?His life is in danger also,did you tell the kid he should stop,are you e-mailing UIL about him too?Why have you not informed the coach or other school officials?You have no problem telling all of El Paso and the rest of the internet readers.Cheating is BAD,using anything other than hard work is wrong,and if I find out anyone is using I am going to tell it,and that includes my own kids if they cheated.I am a straight shooter,wrong is wrong,its black and white in right and wrong,there is no gray area.You have to take a stand, if you don't stand for something you'll FALL for anything.Do the right thing and bring this matter to a close,those kids need our help.

Mary Ross

I know which other kid he is talking about and his parents already shipped him off to a military school because they drug tested and found roids and alot of other drugs in his system too!!! Yea It is true!

Against Cheating

His coach knows about the use of steroids (roids) the princaple knows, other coaches know, team members know, AD's know, other team kids know, and higher ups know about this runner. Only one name is being presented at all the track meets, don't you think it's time to check it out one way or another? Is it fair for that kid to make it and not the kid that took a 4th place, for that runner will miss out on going to regionals because of someone taking drugs. UIL has been informed by more than one writer, but not much can be done because drug testing is done on a random basis only. You know what is funning in a real sad way is that I heard that over in the 1 5A meet there was a girl that some coaches wanted to DQ during warm ups because she had a bobby pin in her hair. This was during warm-ups not during compitition, what a Witch hunt. But nothing is done when someone that everyone knows is on steroids.

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