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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


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What hurts Tammy and the other quality players from El Paso is the lack of AAU basketball. A lot of recruiting is done at AAU tournaments so coaches can watch players compete against other talented players. Tammy will do just fine, if I was her I'd go the juco route, showcase her abilities and hopefully transfer to a D1 school in a year or two. Best of luck to her she is a heck of a player.


One thing I've noticed recently is the emphasis on playing D-1. How many kids make it at the D-1 level? I played NAIA ball in late 70s when it was equalivent of D-2 today, we were national champions in '80. It was a great experience, which I'll never forget. From there, I went on to be a grad. assistant at Okla. City U. which was D-1 at the time. My parents never had to pay for my college educ. or grad. school. I've coached for 20 yrs. now, I can tell you going to a small school can be just as rewarding as going to a D-1 school. In fact, look how many kids leave D-1 programs for lack of playing time. The goal as I see it, is to get an educ. and a chance to continue playing ball.When I have had kids who I thought could play at the next level, I've tried to find schools where I felt they had a chance to do well both academically and athletically. Playing D-1 doesn't necessarily mean you're a better player than a D-2 kid nor does it make you a good coach in the future. Too bad some administrators who having been hiring these exD-1 players as head coaches haven't figured that out.(look around EP)Hopefully, she'll find a place she's happy both on & off the court-enjoy the college experience.


it was sad to see that the MVP of city in girls basketball only had a side article in the sports digest while other players that have had no major impact like tammy acosta had get half page articles in the newspaper. Just very sad!!!

big t

Tammy Acosta was named Heartland Conference freshman of the year. She also was named 2nd team all-conference. Congrats to Tammy on these great achievements.


Tammy Acosta has once again proven that she has an ability to play basketball and has a great contribution to her team. Best of luck Tammy!

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