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Friday, March 14, 2008


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Blazer mania

I tell you what Tammy is not a D-1 player. You make all these comparisons to Lacy!!! Tasha used to play every open gym with the guys and be a good player. Tammy plays with the girls and if you put even a 5 foot 8 D-1 guard on here she won't even be able to get a team in their offense much less be productive!! This does not surprise me.. The whole Acosta Family thinks they are better than they are. Fernie thought he could play at UTEP, now he is at Sul Ross, Alfred thought he could play at Utep also He lasted half a season at UTPB!!! Come on the next guy that the family thinks will be good is Steven? Come on Acosta and Lenny she is a JUCO/ D-3 Player!!


Blazer Mania - let it go - let go of your hate

Blazer mania

just an observation and when it is a negative or true observation people get madd? admit it she is not that good!! LOL


Blazer mania - Actually, it seems as if it is you who gets mad that someone from Americas is getting some press - so mad that you feel the need to come on here and take the time to post. Don't be so bitter. Be happy. If you are a true Blazer fan, then you should be happy anytime any Blazer player gets any positive press. In regards to whether Tammy is D1, nobody really knows. There are plenty of big name recruits that don't turn out and there are plenty of over-looked players that do turn out when given a chance. There is no way anyone can tell for certain what a player will be a couple of years from now.


A winner is a WINNER!!! Period. tammy acosta is a winner in every sense of the word. id like to see you blazer mania play her one on one. i bet she would run circles around you!!!! and probably not even break a sweat. by the way you talk you probably didnt even make the EPCC intramurals team. tammy could be 5'3 or what ever size but she has 4 gold district balls that no one can take away. she will do great where ever she plays. does not matter what level if she decides to do so.


just browsing the topics and ran into this one and wanted to ad my two cents. i dont know this girl or even watch or follow girls basketball but has n e one even thought of SAT scores or GPA that could be part of the problem??? d-1 schools dont look just for athletes but rather student-athletes, thats probably why only juco's are expressing interest. just a thought!!! best of luck to her!!!

just a fan

Wow. We get it, Tammy is a good player. You never recognized any other players though, only Americas players. Well no never mind, Teisha King should have gotten a lot more recognition than she did, in my opinion, she did a lot better than Tammy did this season. But either way, you never recognized hanks (who had an amazing season), eastwood (who had a great lineup), montwood (they could shoot the lights off) or even franklin. We all know you admire Tammy and the way she plays, but lets be a little more fair and give the rest of the schools some recognition.

frank bustillos

BlazerMania...a negative comment for everything..so, so sad, so predictable..I knew that sooner or later #@^$ always floats to the surface. Don't know who Tammy is...but kudos for her on an outstanding four years...no one can take that away from her, not even idiots who feel they must criticize everything with a negative comment...haters are motivators!!!! Anyway, before everybody starts analyzing whether she's a D-1, D-2, or D-3 player, has anyone asked her whether she feels like playing ball after graduation? BlazerMania,Thanks for the analysis and PERSONAL profile on the ACOSTA family (even though NO ONE asked), I'm sure recruiters will be interested...I know I WASN'T.

Blazer mania

HaHaHa Frank you again why don't you go outside for a swim!!! LOL! And for those of you who think Tammy could play with me tell Her I play in a mens league at Marty Robbins and maybe she could join a team or maybe she just wants to be good for a High School girl!! Don't get too mad Frank It is my goal to get you to make a post And that is another one for me!!


Blazer mania you truly are a hateful idiot. Are you really trying to call a high school GIRL out to play in a mens league.. Your pathetic. I wish I knew who the hell you were and I would def. join that league and drop 50 on you... Enough with u though. After watching lots of basketball tammy is not a D-2 player...She IS a D-1 player.. She could easily make an immediate impact with D-1 schools such as UT-Arlington or any other small D-1s. Tammy is a D-1 player.

Blazer mania

No No No UTPB20 Marty Robbins league. Buddy Join Up!

one word



is she the mvp of the city? or just the 5A district? who are the all-city players?? has that been announced?


is she the mvp of the city? or just the 5A district? who are the all-city players?? has that been announced?


is she the mvp of the city? or just the 5A district? who are the all-city players?? has that been announced?


is she the mvp of the city? or just the 5A district? who are the all-city players?? has that been announced?

A Basketball fan

It is so funny how people are always talking nonsense about this 17 year old STAR. I'v been around basketball for a very long time. And all the "D1 COLLEGE RECRUITS" that write on this blog, like Blazer Mania, just a fan, and who ever else gets on and says who and who is not a D1 player need to recognize a true winner. I see the word overrated, i hear people in the stands of games, of course from oposing teams, saying how she isn't a great player. This young lady has taken over high school girls basketball since her freshman year. anyone that can come on here and tell me different please do. I had the privelage of watching her play in the Southwest Shootout this weekend against the so called "Best in the City". Folks come on lets get a grip on reality for a second. Lets let go of the hate in your hearts towards her. She is a young girl that plays basketball and plays it very well. Better than anyone in this city. She proved it this weekend. Not to take anything away from the other good players in the city, because they all get what they get because they are good. But if you folks were at the tournament and saw the same games that i witnessed then you would all agree. So Tammy wherever you go play whether it be at a D1 or at the league at marty robbins, concentrate on school and your future as an adult, because the low lifes that come on here just to bash you, obviously haven't reached adulthood. And if anyone disagrees with this last blog please comment back. I'm certain you will.


To everyone that is wondering or deciding for themselves if Tammy is a D1 player...How about mind your own business! Stop being so mad because your still stuck in El Paso probably working at Mcdonalds or some great job like that! All I know is that Tammy will attend college and make a better life for herself than any of y'all ever will. Not only does Tammy have great basketball skills but she has the brains to go along with it. So whether she plays basketball in college or not isn't really anyone's business besides hers. When Tammy finishes college before any of y'all sit there and ponder all the crap that you wrote and laugh at yourselves because I sure will be laughing at you! Lets just say you are an educated person please do us a favor and let us know where you got that education from so we all know not to go there!

The Blazer

Did Tammy Skip all the D-1 schools and sign with WNBA? Since she is better than everybody else.


Good Job Girls , especially Lacy - since no High School coach has opened their silly mouths. Yes she did it without you guys. Remember how you guys would bad mouth her , that she would never make it , that she had a bad attitude, She only had that because you were to proud to say she would be a star. Your egos would try everything to pervent her from becoming a star. She did it inspite of you guys! Way to go Lacy! How many other girls have you all stop from playing?

A basketball fan

First and foremost Congrats to Natasha, that is so amazing and very well deserved. You're going to do very good things wherever you go. Second, The Blazer, it was just a matter of time before someone else came on here to make another ignorant comment. I think you should read your comment and laugh because I did. I won't even say anything further because you should be ashamed with your comment. LOL

ok it has to be said

There are two posts about this kid. Not just one, but two! I honestly dont see whats so special about here. There are other players that did so much better!! Just look at maxpreps!! Sophomores and juniors did better than her! Teisha King did better than her, and we never hear her name! And you never mention that there is a co-MVP this year. Nancy Aguilar! not Natalie like you always call her, you dont even care to get her name right cause you're to busy exploiting tammy! Get over it!

A basketball fan

A great basketball player is more than just stats. You weren't disagreeing with the numbers she put up her first three years. The Americas girls team was a very good team this past season. The young lady did not have to put numbers like that this season to win games, and when she did have to, the numbers were there. Just watch her on the court and she leads and her team follows. Thats the definition of a great player. Your so caught up in the stat game and where she's going to play college ball. Teisha King is a great player and did put up great numbers, and will be fun to watch again next year. And the AMericas girls were very well balanced. So she didn't have to score, but I assure her assists went up and other stats went up. And not to take anything away from Nancy but c'mon she's not half the leader that Tammy is. Like I said I saw it myself when they played against eachother. Don't get me wrong I understand they play different positions, but the role as a leader can be anyone on the court who wants to be that. And c'mon folks the reason your tired of hearing her name is because it is the FOURTH year hearing it. And Americas's fourth District Championship. Why not give credit where credit is do. Like I said I've been around basketball for many years and this young lady doesn't deserve being bashed by whoever you folks are just because she goes out and plays her heart out every night. Get over it. So again keep the comments coming so I can continue to explain why she was the best in the city...Once Again!!!!

And a little homework assignment for everyone out there.... Combine the Americas Girls Basketball record in all the years that Americas had been established prior to this senior class arriving on campus? And now combine the record of the last four seasons! Compare them! I promise that in itself will speak volumes!!

step up your gamee

your covering on girls basketball sucked this year.

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