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Monday, February 11, 2008


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Hey what is going on? Kfox reported that the Eastwood coach is under investigation. I seen her throw a chair at a Montwoood game once. Come on fill us in. Did she really hit some girls because they missed some free throws. Everybody knows she is horrible with the kids but we thought she was like that because the Eastwood parents are horrible with their kids also. Come on fill us in We all want to know

Eastwood Parent

KFox, why don't you get your facts straight first before you start throwing out lies. First of all, as a parent (if you are a parent)don't you think that if a student was assaulted by an instructor/coach, the YISD would hear about it first before it is turned into gossip. Second of all, don't be quick to judge people that you don't even know. If Coach Vargas was a "horrible" coach, well lets just say that she really knows how to run the Varsity Girls program and that the girls are well taken care of whether here at home or on the road. Last, if the Eastwood parents are so horrible, would our teams have gotten as far as they have? It is called SUPPORT from the parents! Don't be so quick to put people down.

Coach Moretti

I am a recruiting college coach with a concern. I have watched some El Paso teams in out of town tournaments and think they have great talent. The problem is that when i research about El Paso teams, all i hear is about Americas High School. I dont believe El Paso Times gives enough credit to the other schools. I am aware that Americas has left a legacy, but that was three years ago and I still hear about it, we want to know whats happening now. El Paso has some good talent, I watched the Eastwood girls play at the McDonalds invitational, and was really impressed. I also saw the Montwood-Amarillo game and i think those girls have a lot of potential. You should give credit to all great teams, not just one.


Coach Moretti - what college do you represent? Where would someone send you tape on El Paso players?



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