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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


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Patricia Hernandez

What about Cynthia N. Hernandez from Montwood. A senior who has lettered for 4 years and is being highly recruited by several colleges. The best defensive player in El Paso as a catcher. You guys need to do a better job of getting your info correct about players.

Blazer mania

I hope all the haters on J.B. shut their traps now that is right the kid you hated on just saved your playoff lives last night. He has athletic period at the end of the day if you want to come apologize HaHa, I told you he was the best shooter on the team!!!!!!


Mrs. Hernandez, Yes you might think she deserves to be on the list but that doesn't mean she deserves to be on the list. As you can see Montwood was well represented . So its obvious that maybe just maybe those players on the list were more desrving. Please do not hate but try to improve.their is always next years list. We should be glad 2 of our girls made the list, and congratulate them for their hard work and dedication.


There is no crying in softball but things need to be called correctly. There are manny talented and gifted softball players in El Paso but the list is missing one and that is Cindy Hernandez from Montwood. Many people who know Cindy know that she is the real deal - and there is NO next year! She's a senior Mr. Crying!


Your right Ram she is everything you say and I hope we have a great season. I'm just saying don't rain on our parade. She makes it sound like the list is bogus , sounds like jealousy to me. The list is for players to watch. Impact players, like pitchers .


Impact Players? Who better than Pitchers and Catchers and guess what - Cindy is a catcher and very good one that makes pitchers look great. The list is full of pitchers and no catchers - what a surprise, I guess they catch their balls. This year many of us are going to stand up for Cindy as she is a very zealous softball player. Many of us Softball Fans (not from Montwood) who have seen Cindy have been treated to a show of true talent and love for the game. She plays the game the way it was meant to be played. List or NO List!! So get on board - Montwood Fan if you are a true one?


I'm on board ! lets bring the title back to Montwood


I would like know when you will be listing players from Canutillo High School we also have talent players.
Thanks Maggie


I believe that you overlooked a 3rd baseman from El Dorado, senior, Brenda Menchaca. As well as Kristy Candelaria, a senior pitcher. They are standout players and have a true heart for the game


I know that last year Coronado didnt do well. We went 16-0 but I got news for everyone....that aint gonna happen this year! We may not be ranked now but we will be! Just wait!

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