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Thursday, January 31, 2008


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wayne thornton

The greatest upset in basketball history was in the 1980's by the Bel Air Girls Basketball Team.

During the season, their head basketball coach passed away in Miss Sutton. The school district appointed in what has never happened before two co-head coaches in Fred Anaya and Mary Montgomery.

The team went into the playoffs against powerhouse LubbocK Monterrey in Lubbock and their famed suffocating full court press. The Highlanders had no chance to win, I mean none. If there were odds on the game which there weren't, Bel Air would have been 50 point underdogs.

Monterrey got beat soundly by that Bel Air team and all the credit goes to Mr. Anaya and Miss Thompson with one of the best game plans ever against that famed press and team.

Anaya went on to become the Head Girls Basketball Coach at Del Valle High School and is still with the Ysleta School District. Thompson one of the most feared and respected volleyball coaches in high school history, I am sorry, as I do not know where she is.


Didn't Riverside make the Final 4 one year and beat a Top 5 team to get there?

Armando Gonzalez

Ysleta vs Bel-air. Ysleta upsets Bel air in the closing moments of the game. Ralph Palomar(Tiny),David Moore against Bel-airs "twin towers" Jim Forbes,and forget other player's name. District race game back in 1967-68 or 69.

coyote Reallignment

Alright frank This shows what you know about our 3a district down here!! we would not even play the teams you listed yesterday unless we were 2 or 3 games deep in the playoffs!!!! adn here is a question for you and all of the other parents in Tornillo? would you rather let your kids travel to alpine sonora and those teams in that district or would you rather go to there game here in fabens and clint and watch them get beat 55-16, or other humiliating scores like that? You know what I think this is all about football and yesterday I talked to some coaches at the school along with some of the parents around town and I think that this move only benifits football because it is one less team in the district. But guess what Our school won't even have a J.V. team next year!! We only have about 7 or 8 kids coming up from 8th grade!!! and about 12 kids graduating. Bottom line is all respect is gone for the A.D. and you need to be 2A.


Well I wonder if the school board has had any input on the whole situation at Tornillo and were all of the coaches asked how they fell?

Jacob Santillano

1995 Riverside boys upset Ft. Worth Dunbar in the Sweet 16 to gain a spot in the regional final. The victory I believe against Abiliene in the Elite 8 propelled them to the Final Four. Defeating Dunbar was a huge win. El Paso teams before 1995 had little or no success against schools from the Mertoplex area. That was a magical run by the Riverside Rangers!!!!The last time an El Paso team has made the final four.


The decision was based solely on football. It gave them more local games, the other programs weren't even talked about. None of the other coaches were asked their opinions. The AD probably knew they were opposed to his position, so he didn't ask


Check the board agenda/min. I doubt it was discussed or will be. TAKS scores are what is important over there. Sports aren't emphasized in Tornillo, check the number of kids who live in Caseta and the other side that come to school there everyday. I heard about 25% of the total enrollment is from the other side.Check the number of kids who quit during a season and then are allowed to play other sports later. I hear that a BIG problem, and coaches who allow it to happen too

frank bustillos

Okay Tornillo, let's get this straight. Right now in district 3A Tornillo plays Ft. Stockton, Monahans, Clint, Pecos, Anthony and Fabens. This is a CURRENT schedule in district 3A. Now, if you drop to 2A, like most people want, you will play against Canadian, Panhandle, Sanford-Fritch, Spearman, Stratford and West Texas. They are currently in Class 2A: District 1 where Tornillo would be placed. They would meet these teams in a weekly bases, check your facts. Tornillo will not be dropped to 2A because of travel expenses, and because all of a sudden they would have the second largest enrollment in that district (Sanford-Fritch has 283). It's unfortunate that they are placed in their current district but don't point the blame on the A.D.'s. You asked a question, would I rather travel to Canadian, Spearman, etc., to watch my son compete or would I rather drive to Fabens and watch our team get beat...well, I would rather travel to Fabens and watch our team lose than drive to Canadian and watch that team totally destroy our team. (Canadian is the defending STATE champ and beat two 3A schools and one 4A school. I don't know about you but why drive over 250 miles to get our butts kicked when we can drive 30 to 40 miles to play and be back in bed the same night. I really don't know what the problem is in Tornillo, dropping to a lower category will not solve the problem...Liberty Hill with a population of 559 won the 3A State championship beating school like Gatesville who had 841 and Palestine which had an enrollment of 907. So what's the problem? Schools with smaller populations can win. Liberty Hill is a small town but they know how to develop players and coaches. So do you still think it's the A.D.'s fault. Wake up and smell the coffee. Like I said, it's unfortunate that the Tornilla athletic program is not competitive but don't blame the A.D.'s, Hate the game not the players.

frank bustillos

To Tornillo: Oh, I see what your argument was, let Tornillo drop to 2A and HOPE they're placed in 2A:District 7 where they would play Alpine, Crane, Kermit, Ozona, Reagan and Van Horn. Let's see, we'd have to play Van Horn which is what about 100 miles away, Alpine which is about 200 miles away and Ozona which is 200 + miles away??? "Come on Chuck!" When would I get to see my kid play??? By the way, my argument about smaller schools being successful still holds. I just wanted to be accurate on the number of miles we would rack up!!! Maybe we should join some travel club and earn some free mileage.....So, what's your next point....


Frank, the next point is that you without doubt have proven yourself to be a complete jackass with the bullshit you put on this blog. You know nothing about the situation. Your dumb butt lives in Dallas. The teams here have always travelled, its part of living in West Texas. Fabens, Clint -they want Tornillo & Anthony to play 3A so they don't have to face Midland Greenwood, Seminole, etc. other true 3a teams in West Texas, then they have to travel. They begged Tornillo and Anthony to go 3a last realignment. How do you think your daughter or son would feel after being repeatedly embrassed just daddy can them play. Ever been to a Fabens homegame? The crowd & kids have no class, cursing the opponents and their principal doesn't do crap cause the kids ignore him. Bet you've never been to Tornillo, maybe to fish?
P.S . It was the AD's decision even the board members will admit it.

frank bustillos

t-coyote....I'm not going to stoop to your level..nah, what the heck..you are such a dumbass...I AM part of the realigning research committee...you don't know me and all I know is that you criticize my opinions by cussing than turn around and say that crowds in Fabens cuss and have no class...with what you said in the blog..who's the dumbass now??? The committee I work with explores all possibilities, all you know is what the p.r. releases....I was Born and Raised in El Paso you idiot, I know that no team ENJOYS traveling more than 150 miles to go get their butts kicked. You may enjoy that bus ride but you might also enjoy shooting rabbits at point blank. The issue here coyote, was not who wanted to be placed where, hell if that ws an option we would force ALL El Paso teams to to Region II instead of Region I, afterall who doesn't mind traveling right??? My nephew DOES play for Tornillo and we instill in him good sportsmanship. We can't control how other people act and we're not interested (I'd hate to see the way you act at a game if your language in this blog is any indication of your behavior)....I traveled to ALL his games flying into El Paso and driving to Monohans, Fabens, Clint etc....
Before you mouth off, get your facts straight and try to display some sort of decorum (hope you know what that word means). My nephew plays for the satisfaction and fun, it's individuals like you who look at the score board and label individuals as loser and winners..that' a shame....If you're going to act like an intelligent individual instead of an idiot, than let your writings reflect that...by the way....the A.D's are ALMOST powerless in deciding what region and at times what levels they may be placed...it takes alot of thought, alot of money and alot of debate to accept appeals....Be a good example to your family...and community and take anger management classess...by the way, I don't fish....and my nephew loves that his uncle comes to watch him play...WIN OR LOSE....

coyote Reallignment

I tell you what bustillos you were on a research committee alright, probably in the basement of your house. you did not even know what teams we would be playing untill I told spearman,canadian and the other teams you named would meet us in the 2nd or 3rd round???? You were not at either monahans or ft. stockton football game last year There was only one family at the game so don't give me that fly in bullsh#@!! Oh and did your nephew tell you about the problems that the football team has? yea they really are having fun playing football!! They hang their heads evry week of district accept when they play fabens. Hell I heard some of the kids on the team say "we just don't want them to score 100 on us" so give your nephew a call and ask him if he enjoys getting beat like that, because you said you enjoy watching it!! Oh and maybe you can make it to one of the other teams homecomings next year cause that is what we are, A homecoming game on everybodies schedule!!!

frank bustillos

oyote, I mean coyote...you keep making me laugh...I didn't know you were the official attendance keeper, only one family huh, do you remember what they wore of the color of thier hair??....it's now amusing reading your "thoughts"--i guess you just don't know what to say let alone when to stop. i've got several thoughts that will help to clear your clouded mind......oh, so I didn't know who Tornillo would play if they had dropped to 2A until you told me...how ignorant can you be, don't answer that, your lack of sensibility is well noted...I think YOU need to research the alignment,if Tornillo had dropped, they would have been placed in 2A district 1 which includes the teams you listed...they would NOT have been placed earlier with Alpine, Van Horn, etc. you idiot, they would not have been placed in 2A district 7. 2A district 1 includes Canadian, Panhandle, Spearman etc., etc., so they would have met those schools on a weekly basis and not deep in second round. Is that simple enough for you to understand!!!!?? I can draw pictures if I have to. Stratford was facing a similar situation in being dropped to 1A, which would have opened the door for Tornillo to move in. Second of all, how do you know I wasn't at those games? You don't even know me and I wasn't aware that you followed the Tornillo football team to EVERY game--doesn't take a law degree to figure out you don't know what you're talking about...geesh, I'm on a roll here somebody stop me..you didn't address several things coyote ole boy...you dodged the sportsmanship issue...and you evaded what's important to young athletes...the score board or what they gained...operate out of my basement, that's classic, did you think of that all by yourself or did you have someone help you...actually, I operate out of a high rise in dallas in an office that is 21 stories high..you should come up one of these days, I'll be glad to show you my "basement."
Finally, I think you've lost track of what this whole agrument was about...go back and read what you wrote...Next, I never said I enjoyed watching Tornillo getting their butts kicked I said I enjoyed watching my nephew play...I can't control what other football team players do or say; "hang their heads low...hope they don't score 100 points"--LIKE I SAID and you weren't listening, we love to watch our nephew play, win or loose, whether they win or loose by 100 points doesn't matter to us..we are proud when he stands out there with the rest of the TRUE coyote fans...So quit your crying and boo-hooing and focus that energy into something positive, start a peewee football league, offer to help coach, get off your butt and do something..people like you make it hard for the rest of us...have some pride, and show it...hey, if Tornillo is everybody's Homecoming game...that's an added bonus...more entertainment...and we'll be there with our nephew...cheering him on...Finally, if this problem persists and you are embarrassed of the beatings the team receives, perhaps you should consider moving.. I'm sure you'll find something to complain about....Hey (personal shoutout!) congratulations to the Tornillo basketball team, just heard they're in the playoffs, amazing what a school with only 253 students can do---Go Coyotes!!! Peace out..in all fairness, I'll read what you have to say but won't respond...see, this is what good sportsmanship is all about...not whether you win or lose but what you gain...


Let's see so Tornillo, which is located 6 miles east of Fabens, near El Paso would play in Dist.1-2A.Dist. 1-2A which located in the Panhandle, north of Amarillo would have a team that's is not in the same geographical region. Enlighten me, I'm ignorant, as to why oh why this would happen. At the least, it's got to be a 7-9 hr drive one way. I bet those schools wouldn't travel to Tornillo. Maybe UIL could fly Tornillo to the games? What do you think? (You're on the committe, right?)Oh, the 253 enrollment number, was from the last realignment 2 years. I wonder who's been reading P.R. releases now

Big Red

The Greatest Upset , would have to be Nacho beating Ramses, for the championship.


Ok Frank since you’re this big Guru. Why can't the parents decide which class i.e. 5A, 4A. 3A, etc. their kids compete in. We have too many gun ho coaches that think their coaching in the NFL or NBA or the Dallas Cowboys or something. They take favors from parents, guess what that kid plays. I have seen it too many times these hot shots cuss and demeanor kids just for their own egos. I have seen these coaches take on big powerhouses , and then after he gets his butt kicked say things like "the kids didn't execute" NO You dumb coach you played out of your class you weren't any good when you played and now you are no good with these kids. I think I have to agree with coyote or maybe the ADs and principles and Big Shots like you could evaluate their teams and sign them up for a class that they will be competitive

frank bustillos

okay red, let me enlighten you....the entire conversation circled around individuals wanting Tornillo to drop from 3A to 2A....that's all...nothing more nothing less...enrollment numbers fluctuate (I'm aware of those numbers --2years ago--but thank you for letting me know), the numbers chosen are recorded from a two year period (almost parallels the reallignment schedule kinda like a census but taken from a shorter time span). The discussion was of possible options, possible venues, possible changes...none of those happened...so it's over...unless you have some other comments...reallignment depends on several factors, one of those is NOT what the school's a.d. wants. Yes, I agree with you, the distance would be immense..that's one factor...anyway, Tornillo is where Tornillo should be...read all the e-mails, it went from one point to another...suffice to say...sarcasm will get you nowhere...you are who you are and I am who I am, you work where you do, and I work where I do and to that I say, Thank God...

frank bustillos

To Kids: golly gee moses, what is in the water you're drinking....okay, so you suggest that parents should decide what division each school should play...okay, let's let the parents decide...okay, let's put Americas, Chapin, Del Valle, and what the heck, let's throw El Paso High in there, then on a second district let's place, Montwood, Coronado, Eastwood, Franklin, and just for the fun of it throw Clint in there. Is that what you want, if it is than good luck in winning the lottery. I never claimed to say who should play who. I'm glad you agree with coyote (be sure and read ALL our conversations). Not all coaches are bad...there are many who put the interest of their players ahead of their own--in El Paso and all over the state...Kids, I suggest you read everything I wrote..my comments don't have anything to say anything negative about schools, players, parents etc...after you read, let me know what you think. Other than that, if we let parents decide what division each school should play than let them decide who plays, when they play, what they're school colors should be etc.,etc.


Well, looking back I guess the A.D. was right about this one!

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