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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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wow if anyone was at the Riverside vs Ysleta they sure got there moneys worth. The game went into overtime in the last seconds when a player from Riverside made a 3 pointer. However the rangers were unable to come up with the win in overtime. None the less great game for both teams and go rangers.

Mr. Sports

I wonder if Mr. Jurado ever played City,High School or College sports?
I watched a High school girls basketball game Jan 15, Eastwood and Montwood which Montwood won and never heard of or mention of the game in the El Paso times paper which i receive every day.

Mr. Jurado, you have to be fair and impartial about high school sports. It is what is,and through the pass i have noticed that that certain teams are noticed and some are not. Montwood high girls really put it to the Troop and you did not give them the respect that they deserved.

Be fair and you will notice that spors fan in El Paso will respect you as a person.

Honestly, I think you should sell shoes at Foot Locker. Sports reporter You're not.

Mr. Sports

Big Red

First to Mr. Sports the only reason Montwood beat Eastwood is because the eastwood coach has alot of things on her mind right now. She is under alot of scruitny for chair throwing and demeaning players and I have even heard she went on a rampage after the loss to Americas and attacked the trouphy case. So don't get all happy about one win , we'll see whose standing in the end.
Ryan come on give us a break, No nobody cares about ysleta riverside basketball game .

frank bustillos

To Big Red,

What were you thinking when you wrote your comment?? "The only reason Eastwood lost was because the Eastwood coach had other things in mind...blah, blah, blah"
Was she on the court playing the game? Was she responsible for the turnovers her team had? Was she responsible for the defense thrown at her team. Maybe instead of demeaning her players or throwing tantrams, she should be focused on the game. Besides, what kind of coach is she if she can't demonstrate good sportsmanship. Instead of defending her you should be leading a campaign to get rid of her. Just who does she think she is, Bobby Knight? At least he's won several NATIONAL titles.


I just wanted to comment on the great game between Riverside and Ysleta. The atmosphere was great. The band was playing it was a packed house. This has to be one of the best rivalries in El Paso. The last 5 games between these two teams have been decided by 2 points or less. Nice.

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