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Monday, January 08, 2007


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I can not agree more. Patty is a class act and she is what so many of the coaches in the city should realize our kids need.

Amen to That

My daugter plays for a rival school, and I must say I wish she could play for a coach like her. Her program from the parents to the trainers behave in a sportsmanlike manner. I wish I could say the same for our school. We win but at a very high cost. I am always embarrasssed by some of our parents, and I never see the Hanks act bad either when we play them at home or at there place. Good Job Real High School Coach.


My daughter has to play for a coach who has never even coached a high school basketball game before? Who the hell is doing the hiring out there in Horizon?


hey that sounds just like clint district. The principal has no clue she hired the guy who was kissing her butt ever since the day he found out the job was open!!


hey that sounds just like clint district. The principal has no clue she hired the guy who was kissing her butt ever since the day he found out the job was open!!


OOHH!! now after I have talked to some people this guy says he played football for UTEP NOT TRUE He was a tackle at Del Valle In high school if you got kids that go to Horizon please don't get mad you went from bad to worse!!


Well, I think that you are right about this new coach in Horizon! He thinks he will run and gun I tell you what just by him saying that he has no clue!! Can he not tell the teams that run and gun are horrible when the playoffs come. ex: Burgess, Eastwood, Chapin. You and all the other coaches better take a clue from Harper and Brooks Fundamentals and tough defense win playoff games!!!


These two are the best!


They are funny, your right, but This Horizon Coach that got hired I heard is trying so hard to get a kid that will be better than Tammy Acosta I am not going to put her name out there because she is only going to be in 9th grade, but come Basketball season I sure hope she is not in Horizon she will not develop at all with that guy!! I am really not hating on the guy I just know what kind of guy he really is.


Wow! The Coach that they hired out here in Horizon has hired a J.V. Coach that has never coached a high school game before!!! Are you kidding me? He has one year of freshman experience. This year is going to suck!!


My daughter plays for Patty Mullany and I am proud and fortunate that she gets the best coach in girls basketball to learn from. She relates to her team as much as the team to her. Respect for eachother is the key. I will send my younger daughter to play for her as well. Go Lady Knights!

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