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No surprise. Mrs. yes Mrs. Barbee never liked living in El paso. I'm sure these last 4 years were an eternity to her. Goodbye.


He knew he was leaving thats why he stopped coaching in the big dance. If you notice he never called a time out when these guys were struggling in the second half. I dont wish him any luck in Auburn even his players are shocked I was reading their blogs!


I didn't like him as a coach anyway! He clearly was out-coached in many games. May the curse follow you! Hahaha

beto cruzto

$$$$$ TALKS.....PEOPLE WALK !!!!!!

Oscar Manzano

I am not shocked. I knew he would leave eventually, but I thought it would be after next year. He had great talent returning next year, and I hope that whoever Bob Stull hires will be the right fit, especially for next year's team. I would really love to see Nolan Richardson come and coach here at UTEP. It would be a perfect fit. Forget his age, the man is a Hall Of Fame coach and lets not forget that he coached the Mexican National Team in the Olympics. He could recruit from both sides of the border, and yes I believe that there is hidden talent in Mexico, why not? There is talent everywhere, just have to find it, and I believe that he could sell El Paso to them. He was from El Paso, Segundo Barrio to be exact and he knows the city. Bring Nolan Richardson!!!


UTEP Didn't lose a coach, they lost a recruiter.. He was just learning how to be a coach, hope its adequate knowledge for Auburn.

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