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Elaine Brown

Check out Mr. De Los Santos' record as a slayer of cattle - he was shut down with numerous infractions and now he wants to slay horses.

Most horses who are neglected are neglected whether there are horse slaughter houses open or not.

There will never be 600,000 to 700,000 horses abandoned in NM and many of those who are now abandoned are likely abandoned by kill buyers along the route that goes through NM to the Mexican slaughter plants.

If there are so many abandoned and unwanted horses, why is there an increase of stolen horses who are disappearing into killer trucks going out of state?

Breeders are also responsible for unwanted horses as they try for perfection and usually miss so "Walla, an unwanted horse".

It is impossible to slaughter horses or even transport them to slaughter humanely.

If Mr. Graham and Mr. Cowan wish to make improvements, why don't they encourage clinics that can provide free euthanasia which means a "peaceful death" not the terrorizing of a fearful prey animal in a stinking slaughterhouse for private profit using taxpayers money to inspect for tainted meat which does not have a market in the US, or the EU any longer, for that matter?

Beware of horse haters disguised as breeders and Big Ag helpers!

kimberly harris

I'm sorry, but Valley Meat wasn't opening its doors to provide a service to the nation's horses. They were backed by a Canadian Slaughter conglomerate. They want to make money off killing America's horses and wanted the American taxpayers to finance it. This article of full of misinformation. People need to stop breeding horses without thinking what will happen to them after they are cute little foals. Owning a horse is a life-long commitment, and people need to take responsibility for the animals in their stewardship. The horse over-population explosion is a propaganda campaign by pro-slaughter people. I have seen their memos, outlining this approach - making the public believe there is a crisis - when, in reality, there is not.

Carla Tillman

The American Quarter Horse Association and Thoroughbred Racing Association need to quit. They look for the perfect horse and whatever is left is thrown out the door.

Rachael Bannister

It is the America Public that is against horse slaughter and the people we elected to represent us are listening and doing as 75 to 80 % of us have ask them to do.
THAT is the American way.We the People do not want horse slaughter.When we don't have to spend so much time and energy and money fighting against horse slaughter then perhaps we will have more money and time to invest into taking care of the real victims the horses.
In case you don't get the point let me state it one more time.WE the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA do no want our HORSES SLAUGHTED for any reason.
And anyone not forward thiking enough to waut to spend money on a business that no funds where available for in the first place are not to business savvy.Perhaps they should be going after the 3 who sneaked the wording to allow horse slaughter back in undercover of darkness and forgot that one little part about the money to fund it.


I don't see Valley Meat or anyone else that wants to SLAUGHTER HORSES coming up with a better alternative either- WHY? Because they wouldn't make any money helping to control the population another way like providing birth control for the female horses, No one in this country wants to have Horse Slaughter plants because it's inhumane and if those people that want them can't see that then they are no better than the people that are over breeding them in the first place, we need to put a stop to the racing industry to stop the over population (if there is an over population) of horses.


And if we had Slaughter Houses it would only incourage over breeding because then they could just send the hoses they didn't want straight to the slaughter house- duh, are we not smart enough to see that?


I would love to see Mr. De Los Santos tell the whole truth just once....the whole reason why the USDA closed his cattle slaughter plant. He'll never tell you that he was closed down because of cruelty to animals. He was also sanctioned for improper dispoal of dead animals and animal parts. He was charged a hefty fine by the EPA for improper runoff. whomever happens to show up next to stop horse slaughter, he'll blame them with causing all his many problems. He just can't tell the truth if it hit him in the head. Americans don't eat horse meat. And no one should eat American horses because they aren't raised as food animals and are full of drugs that are forbidden by the FDA in American meat products that we do eat. Why should we American taxpayers foot the bill for Valley Meats to run a slaughter plant for horse meat that is going to be shipped overseas and the U.S. won't see a dime of the profit, nor will the taxpayers be reimbursed. It's ridiculous.

Anne-Marie Pinter

I applaud all of the comments above! Well said. I have a Foundation where we save Mustangs, with youth involvement. Hoping that the next generation will grow up with more humanity and ethics. As far as Mr.Santos's "business" is concerned; it is "DIRTY BUSINESS" Number one; he is proposing to export toxic meat unfit for consumption, human or other animal alike. Horses are NOT raised as meat animals such as not subjected to any regulations what so ever. The kill buyers pick up drugged sick old diseased horses at auctions. Or some will steel horses that are healthy looking but medicated all the same. These are facts and not "emotions" The other side is Santos's cattle business was shut down because of violations of environmental regulations. He is a sick person, wanting to make a living from slaughtering horses. Why doesn't he just get a real job. He could apply to any supermarket as a butcher.....

Rachael Bannister

I love the part about IT IS NOT OFTEN THAT OBAMA,MARTINEZ AND RICHARDSON are on the same side of a front page issue.
Well does that perhaps say something?
They are coming together to do the WILL OF THE PEOPLE?

judye michaels

Why don't the people and politicians in NM who are in favor of slaughter visit www.kaufmanzoning.net and see what happens when slaughter comes to town? Simply put: decreased property values, increased crime rates, numerous wastewater violations including horse blood surfacing through drains and faucets of neighboring properties, stench and vermin, animal cruelty, and low - if any - taxes paid to our federal government while America is left to clean up the mess!!!
America's food supply would also be compromised as the average American's tax dollars would be wasted on inspecting meat which we'll never knowingly eat.
Horse slaughter doesn't belong in America and our horses shouldn't be leaving our country to get slaughtered!!!

Paula Todd King

Isn't it time to take responsibility and start telling the truth? Graham says that there are 60,000 unwanted horses running loose in NM, however there is no evidence to support what he says. The entire overpopulation excuse has run its course. The numbers are inflated beyond belief. The wild horses in New Mexico have been reduced to such a low level that the herds are no longer genetically viable. As to alleged thousands of horses on tribal lands, no one seems to be able to confirm that number.
Granted, there are a lot of horses out there but it's mainly because of over breeding in the Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred industries. It's because of the inhumane breeding of horses for the production of Premarin. And wild horse herds continue to increase in size because the BLM refuses to follow scientifically recommended ways to control population by using the infertility drug PZP. The BLM takes a short term view to a long term situation. It simply does not make sense to continue to roundup horses to hold them in captivity when there are 20 Million acres of public land zeroed out by the BLM where the horses could be returned.
And as to Valley Meats - they made a poor decision.
I still wonder where the money is coming from. To hear Mr. de los Santos tell it they are a poor struggling family business. So what is keeping them going with the expensive legal battles. That's a question which should be investigated. In all situations like this - follow the money to find the answers.

Morgan Griffith

As far as I'm concerned opening this business is just as bad as burning down an orphanage or opening a meth lab. Wants to send toxic, drug-laden meat to people and children throughout the world.


You dont want slaughter of the horses. Okay well there is 100,000 or so that have gone each year since the ban. That is a fact. Now at that number since 2006 would mean that approx 700 thou plus have already been sent in the last 6-7 years. If not for them being slaughtered where do you all think these horses should go? Who is it that you feel should pay for the cost of feeding, trimmings, wormings, any any other costs that may be involved depending on that horses peticular needs? There is not enough homes available because if there were none would have went on the truck in the first place. So given the facts above slaughter seems to be as good of an answer as we have right now. I as a tax payer refuse to have taxes taken out to pay for someone elses horses they no longer want. If I wanted horses again or to pay for thier care I would go get one myself. (This comes from anti-slaughter groups that say all americans should pay to house all these horses. But as these stockpiled horses (if we do what was suggested)above, will cost millions of dollars to house and care for and the numbers will keep increasing each year. I think it would be alot more responsible to take that money an add it to other programs such as Social Security, food programs ect.. So before you all "jump me" think about it first and use common sense not emotions.

Marilyn Wilson

The American people have spoke, NO HORSE SLAUGHTER HERE! And we will close the borders with the SAFE Act!

Kingston, Blunt, and Kohl should be tarred a feathered and run out of town on a rail!

Ramona Foxworth

Ms.Cowan and all like minded advocates of the slaughter industry lustfully chase the DOLLAR and that's all.I have a long standing,established horse rescue too !Donations barely cover the expenses ! Look to BREEDERS as the problems of all this and not the innocent horses. People lie about horses being turned loose to die. Those same people, who abandon horses should take responsibility and humanly put them down. It is against the law to abandon your pets, anyway.What about that fact.?Wow now there's a novel idea.!Breeding and abandonment has to do with the lowest, most VILE form of irresponsibility. That is where folks like Ms. Cowan and other pro- slaughter advocates should be putting the blame. There is no, no excuse to keep bringing more horses into a slow economy. Could it be that they don't want the numbers down because of monetary kickbacks slaughter plants generate to the few who have a stake in them? Horsemeat is heavily tainted with toxic chemicals- I bet they don't serve it to THEIR children! Ramona Foxworth Gypsyheart Horse Rescue


I am a horse lover, but also I understand the need for population control of unwanted horses who would otherwise end up dying for lack of food and water due to economy and drought, or they would be released into the wild like so many other feral horses. So to all the politicians against horse slaughter and all the PETA supporters and other animal rights activists, my name is Kara Cervantes and I am the wife of Tyner Cervantes, a conservation officer for the Mescalero Reservation. We've needed several semi-truck loads of hay for the thousands of feral horses on the reservation for several years. W,e also need grant money so we can geld all the horses we trap. That, by the way, is why I am taking care of horses day, and night along with my young daughters with IV supplies donated by our local ambulance service and medicine donated by friends. So approve it and shut it, unless of course you do put the money where your mouth is.


Any death is better than slaughter. Even starvation. If you could ask a horse, what do you think he would choose? If the BLM had left the wild horses and burros alone, they wouldn't be over populated and rotting in holding pens. It may be like that in your area, but there aren't "feral horses" running around the whole country. You have to consider the rest of the country, outside of your circle. That horses are being fed & cared for in your area is great. Keep doing that. Many of us have put our money where our mouth is. We've made great strides with and without money. We, too are horse lovers. Our answers to their suffering is far different than yours, though. We love horses without sending them to slaughter. You'd be amazed at what we've accomplished over the years.

elizabeth dana

Solution to Slaughter -
Contact local rescues for donation to group
Contact local peace officer for euthanize one bullet to head and cremate

Now if the PRO SLAUGHTER sees this - well then they would stop hoarding and breeding horses for meat - End of story

Make owners responsible for euthanasia and DO NOT REWARD THEM with Kill Buyer money!

Kill Buyers are encouraging and supporting horse abuse by giving abusing owners a way out of prosecution. Kill buyers support criminal acts!

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