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jerry olsen

Rep. Garcia stated his research shows only 3 gun shows a year in the state... first thing he needs to do is fire his researcher... this shows just how out of touch lawmakers can get as they float along inside their bubble world..protected by armed guards along the way.


This is not right. All these state officials want to take away our 2nd admenment. I know people with mental illnesses that wouldn't hurt anyone, but love to go hunting deer or elk. Not all mentally ill people ae bad or going to kill someone. What killes other people are those who are treated badly. So I ask state officials "Have you ever been treated saverly bad in your life?" If so then your right to own a gun should be taken away!!


DPS can hardly keep up with their normal duties... they have a 90 day backlog on concealed carry permits. Tasking them with background checks for firearms would be a defacto waiting period in New Mexico and that's not going to fly.


Then why dont we stop this weirdo. Im a oath keeper im writing a letter tonight to this guy and many others letting them know i will not reliquish my right to my weapon. i will not let you take anyone elses weapon. it is illegal under the US and NM constitution.Hold to your Oath.

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