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savannah jones

i really think this proposal is a good idea im 25 years old and ive smoked pot it helps pain and anxiety and its completley harmless alcohol is legal and its caused alot of accidents and death my husband almost died from overdose of alcohol he stopped breathing 15 times and had severe ceizures ive never seen anyone overdose on pot it doesnt happen !!!! im a democrat but i voted for some republicans in good faith that they would make the right decision for our state but denying the proposal is not a good decision !! us tax payers pay for the inmates in jail the jail is over crowded due to people being charged with petty crimes like marijuana come on now !!!!! stop worrying about getting people in trouble for pot and start worrying about the big stuff like meth and coke and heroin and narcotic pills which are legal and very bad for us!!! my dr gives me vikidin for my pain every month but wont help with a marijuana card for me instead vikidin has killed people and its addictive pot isnt pleas please consider it !!!!!!

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