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This event needs infiltrators who will report to the (unbiased) media the location of the drop-off point for the carcasses so that all the world can see the actual bloody result of this killing contest. We estimate between 1,000 to 2,000 carcasses will be delivered to that drop-off point. Coverage of this scene posted to YouTube, Facebook, and other similar avenues of independent media is exactly what this sort of event needs in order to shut it down in the future.

Louise Kane

This is a disgraceful event. It has no basis in management. People don't need coyote fur. Coyotes need it. This man deserves to lose all of his sponsors. If it goes forward, it will be a stain on New Mexico. The tourism departments, DNR and governor should stop this. This has nothing to do with a right to hunt its a killing contest, period.

A shameful barbaric horrific atrocity!

Doug Patrick

Mark Chavez should have his pelt removed. Give it to the homeless...

H. Hooper

I own ranchland in the Galisteo basin and have a variety of animals. While I am watchful about coyotes, I view them as part of my world, and I respect them and all the other creatures who survive out here. I disapprove of and disagree with the so-called "right" people like Chavez who believe they have to go out and engage in mass killings of ANY species. It's unhealthy for the environment, and based on pure ignorance -- big surprise.
Far from "asserting" hunting rights, these kinds of killing raids for no reason (deer population drops are not due to coyotes.) actually endanger hunting "rights."


A moron by any other name...............still a moron


Chavez would eat the pelts if he thought he could get people to rationaize the slaughter the way he does. It's ludicrous. These people are so fearful about their hunting "rights" yet it has nothing to do with that at all. Personally, I believe they are fearful in general of predators as well, but that would take a book.
And so what if "women" comprise 90% of the demographics in this issue? It was WOMEN that turned the tide on the presidential election! Oh yes, Mr.Chavez, we are a tenacious bunch...and will grow as our "sister" learn about your slaughter plans and your poorly phrased "coyote management hunt". That's not what it is at all - and you know it.


Dear fellow humans. I have noticed that the killing of coyotes has an ill effect on some. There is a management need where the coyote is concerned. It may not be a pleasant thing to consider, yet here it is: hunters losing too many deer to coyotes, newborn cattle that are taken by coyotes, coyotes coming in close contact in city trash containers and the people putting trash into them. People using coyotes for target practice is not proper management. The fact of the matter is that your laws may think that they manage, but it ends up taking rights given to us all. Sad really, for all of us.


This is not target practice but a decrease of an overpopulation of coyotes in the area. There will be plenty of coyotes left in the area, and they will have more food available to them after the hunt. I cannot count the number of people I know who have lost a pet cat to a coyote. A woman who lives on the outskirts of Las Cruces said she gave up the idea of having a cat after her third cat was killed and eaten by coyotes. Coyotes are animals that prey on other animals. So are humans.

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