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Martin O. de la Garza

Mr. Simonich, as you may be aware, I attended an NMPRC Open Meeting back on Thursday, October 18, 2012. I made a request to the NM State Police for an officer to be present at the meeting for two reasons: (1) to protect my rights given to me by a Restraining Order that I have against the Commission. Such Order was issued by the Honorable Judge Raymond Z. Ortiz from Santa Fe District Court. The Commission keeps violating such Order every time I attend their Open Meetings. As a result, I will be filing next week a NOTICE OF VIOLATION OF RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST THE NMPRC. In addition the Commission continues violating my Constitutional Rights, as well as their own Policy and Procedures and NM Statutes; (2) to protect the public attending Open Meetings including the Commissioners and PRC Staff. Commissioner Teresa Becenti-Aguilar has expressed concerns about safety of ONLY the Commissioners and NOT of every body attending such meetings or visiting the PRC building. I am glad that Commissioner Howe is revisiting such concerns, but most importantly. this is to prove to the people of NM the rising "hot climate" or "bad air," like Commissioner Lyons refers to my visits to the PRC Open Meetings, that is presently taking place at the Commission. I have requested time for a presentation for next Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Representatives from AFSCME are also interested in being part of such presentation. The AFSCME will be deciding later this afternoon as to who will be presenting on Tuesday. The proposed topic to present is STATE EMPLOYEES RIGHTS AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES.

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