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I live with a hunter and I am completely opposed to canned hunts. Why not let nature take its course and go back to protecting your herd or flock with a cowhand like they have done for many generations? You ranchers have gotten lazy and you gun shop owners are just trying to make money...you are taking away what I love about living here...saying we don't understand hunters is a bunch of crap! If it is for food then I understand...if it is for sport...then it is a bunch of heartless jerks who think they prove how macho they are by killing a defenseless animal who is only trying to survive. A bunch of competitive fools who think they are going to prove how good they are with a gun. It is not fair unless you give the hunted the same advantage. I understand better than you think! Why not cage-trap and relocate. Because that would take too much work...why not have a competition on who can cage-trap the most coyotes? Because the gun shop would not make money then. My husband hunts for the food not for the sport! I use to like living here...


@ Lucy... If you believe that cage trapping and relocation would help then can I ask what you are doing to help start that process? If you would like to change the way things are done then start the process do the research get the funding and be about doing not just talking.

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