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Let this be a true real reminder horse slaughter is NOT humane nor wanted in America.. We as responsible horse owners will continue to fight tooth and nail to put this criminal intended business to rest..

Horses are worth more to Americans than meat and deserve our respect.

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What is missing from this report is the dismal history of violations at the Valley Meat plant owned and operated by the De Los Santos family. Frankly, I am surprised that he USDA will allow this family to continue to operate a cattle slaughter plant given their proclivity for abuse and environmental infractions. www.abqjournal.com/.../fines-sought-against-slaughterhouse.html


What is missing is the fact we need to return horse processing to the USA We can process healthy horse meat and anyone that does not believe that is basically stupid....as for the TB folks let them deal with their drugged up ponies! Those horse huggers that have no "skin in the game" are the worthless do gooders that are against proper and humane horse processing. I have an idea for you go find another cause to screw up people's lives and business. I bet most of these morons are Liberal Democrats living in Disneyland!

Fred South

The simple fact is the USDA is not providing a service that it currently, by law, is required to do. They are intentionally stalling because to allow the permits brings them under fire. I think the family needs to sue the USDA for failure to process their application in a timely manner interfering with their rights as business owners. Sad to see the during this current administration that they are NOT willing to support honest business owners.

ann fox

The slaughtering of socialized companion animals for their meat is NOT a profession to be proud of! Here's hoping the people involved in this revolting way of making a living can re-invent themselves & find a more suitable form of employment!


Entrepreneurs? Excuse me while I catch my breath from laughing. Here is yet another article on Santos that leaves out two important details. Santos was shut down by the USDA this past February for inhumane treatment of slaughter animals and was recently fined over $80,000 for environmental issues. So much for compliance. Those are the two most common violations in horse slaughter plants so the USDA is doing exactly what they should be doing. He has already proven he can’t follow laws for traditional livestock and one can only imagine what a chamber of horrors it would be for horses.

Horses were abandoned, starved and hauled long distances when the three US plants were open. Hundreds of thousands of horses were hauled to Mexico and Canada. What was the excuse then? It wasn’t lack of slaughter then and it surely isn’t lack of slaughter now.

As far as Missouri, Wallis was run out of town in Mountain Grove and the Rockville plant is mired in legal issues and shell companies.

Slaughter is for food production, not a disposal service. Only animals that were raised and regulated as food animals should enter the food chain.


They were raised as companion animals and should not have their lives ended in pain and terror. If the Euroreans, Japanese etc. want horsemeat, let them raise it. We need responsible control on breeders and racing should be banned.

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