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Try him again...this monster needs to be brought to justice. I think the judicial system in newMexico fails most of the time, however, this is one time that they should make darn sure this person is held responsible for his actions.


JUst so everyone knows about the beating of this colt... Greg collier HOBBLED, that's right HOBBLED this colt so the colt could not strike or kick him. This needs to be brought to the attention of the court. This sob should get the death penality for beating this horse. When the horse was brought in to the clinic his head was 3 to 4 times the size of his normal head. He was bleeding out of his EYES,EARS,NOSE and MOUTH plus bleeding from his body. Any person, I will not call greg collier a man...That does this to an animal will certainly do this to a person...He needs to be put out of everyones misery. I have cried and lost sleep over this story. Bring back the DEATH PENALITY in newMexico


I have prayed for the worst punishment for this monster. He does not deserve to be in the presense of any animals EVER. This guy needs to be taken out back and have his face kicked in (literally). I am praying daily for justice in this case. This WASTE OF SKIN is the worst excuse for a MAN --- no real man would ever do this to an animal - this monster needs to be taken off this earth.

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