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Timothy Seibel

By signing H.B. 172, the bill that banned school corporal punishment, Governor Susana has shown that she is a champion of "the least of these" and has also committed herself to authentic school reform! Martinez for VP! Better yet, Martinez for PREZ!

I am a future educator studying for my Elementary and Special Ed degrees at the University of Southern Mississippi. I believe that God did not make children's bodies to be hit with a wooden board. "Plain Talk About Spanking" (read it at http://nospank.net/pt2011.htm ) talks about the physical repercussions of hitting a child.

Parents would be sentenced to jail for the kind of bruises caused by educators but somehow, in 19 states, the educators get away with it! It's mind-boggling!

Today a resounding message has been sent to the lawmakers of the 19 remaining states where paddling is still on the books that they also need to address this issue!

Join the movement to rid the nation of paddling in schools by visiting unlimitedjustice.com and thehittingstopshere.com . Also learn about positive discipline by going to the website of the Center for Effective Discipline: http://www.stophitting.com/

"...justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream!" Dr. King


I am disappointed that this has taken place. I teach in a middle school in NM and have seen where parents have to sign a waiver before swats are given. Not to mention that swats are not issued just because they are typically a last resort. I have seen several students readjust their attitude and behavior in class due to the fact that they know that their parents have signed the consent form. Students need to be in the classrooms to learn and if our only options as teachers is to send them to ISS and home to play for the day how is it fair that we are to be held accountable for their education. The occasional swat does cause that student to straighten up and behave in class, in most cases. But for the most part it is used as a last resort.

By far am I for child abuse and nor do I see this as a form a child of abuse either. I grew up with my parents who if I was in the wrong would give me a swat, was I abused "NO".

The only way to make this a truly fair decision is it should of been out to a vote by the people.....the parents not the state or governor.


I attended public schools in Hobbs in the 1960's. Please count me in as one of those parents who despises corporal punishment. In 1968, I was subjected to "torture" by an elderly, "old school" principle. My crime? I was talking in class more than my very elderly Language Arts teacher cared for. My grade in class at the time was an "A." The principle rewarded me for my talking by giving me three "licks," the same exact dose that was given to boy students whom I assure you, were not "just talking." I won't describe to you the intense pain that was inflicted upon me, but after the first one hit my buttocks, I'm surprised that I did not pass out. At the time of my torture, I was 4'8'' and very petite.

The most heinous part of my story is that the principle knew my mother and knew she was a strict parent. He told me that if I didn't take my "punishment" he would "tell on me" to my mother knowing full well that I was frightened at the mere thought of my mother "spanking" me. How sick was that???

I now suffer from left hip issues and will have to have a hip replacement in the very near future. Do I believe this horrible man contributed to my hip problem..of course he did. One of the first questions my physician asked me after my MRI was whether I had ever suffered a traumatic injury. It's absolutely horrific that those "licks" weren't referred to as corporal punishment at the time. Thank you, Governor Martinez.

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