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February 20, 2009


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John Stark

I still think and wonder about this story on a regular basis, more than 32 years after I wrote it.

John Stark


Mr. Stark,

First of all Trish I think you are doing a wonderful job. I thought these articles were awesome. there were only two things that left me wondering. One, how much was the settlement Mrs. Sigler recieved? and Two, what became of Mrs. Sigler?

Miller Girl

Suicide by electrocution? Why not just hand yourself with the electrical cord?

WR Colbert

I guess there was never any divulgance of
the box contents? Radio schedule? trigraph
code material and instructions on the use, how to go/escape notes?
There was one mention back then that the
MI people were not trustworthy and the
FBI did their own counter-surveillance


Ralph Joseph Sigler was born in where is now in Slovakia.


Sigler's real family name is Ciglar. His real name is possibly Ralph Joseph Ciglar.

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interesting article.i think he is murdered.

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