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May 19, 2008


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I remember I first read about Tom Moore back in the late 1980's when I was a 'tween.' Like that kid from St. Clement's School, my reaction was that of disbelief that El Paso could produce someone famous! But I was also intrigued. I remember he had illustrated the cover of some UTEP magazine- I don't remember the title, but I do recall something about a Diamond Jubilee.
I had no idea he was teaching part-time at EPCC. Good for him and us!


I have been developing a comic strip about our town called "people in el paso want ice water" and I sure would love to touch base with Mr. Moore sometime, show him my stuff. He was a huge influence on my other comic book hero, Jaime Hernandez, in his style of art, if not in content. Ms. Long, do you or does someone you know have his email, by chance?


UTEP's alumni magazine "Nova" did a nice profile of Mr. Moore some time back in the '80s--I imagine that's what SunCityCynic is referring to. Mr. Moore did draw the cover, which had Archie bragging about UTEP's architecture to Betty and Veronica. I think Dale Walker wrote the profile inside, but I could be wrong about that.

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