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personally, if the team is just competitive 2 years from now, and can go 6-6 to get to a bowl game i would be happy again. at least those teams were competitive, and had some close losses, unlike last year.

Andy Springer

Coach Kugler wants smash mouth football to run the ball, bigger running backs and big tough linemen are going to be required. I think he got some of those people in his 2014 class. All first year Coaches have an adjustment period. 2013 was disappointing but not really unexpected. As for defense, we had people in position to make plays but poor tackling was so evident. Nothing replaces fundamentals. The game is still blocking and tackling. I played at Texas Western and I support what he is trying to do.


I'm hoping that the bigger kids and the focus on the lines evidenced by this recruiting class will be the prescription. Lack of any line to speak of has been the problem with the Miners since Price ran through all of his predecsssors recruits. Regarding tackling, it is obvious that kids are no longer taught tackling, or any of the fundamentals, by their high school coaches any more. It is a problem at all of the Texas programs including those at UT and Texas A & M. Hopefully good coaching can clear that up.

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