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D A Naudin

Wish he was not burning the redshirt.....this is a lost season save the full four years of Leftwich, he might be the next great UTEP QB...

Tired fan

Leftwich gives UTEP a better shot at winning on the offensive side of the ball. For those who are against him burning his redshirt, a putrid 1-11 season following last season and the season before might hurt the Miners in the long run (recruiting) more than him losing out on a full season. I say get some wins this season while we can.

In defense of the QB who played against A&M and threw some interceptions, it's understandable. Those Aggies are two steps above the Aggies just to our north.


This is an incredibly bad and selfish idea by Kugler. There is no justification for not giving Simpson his shot. And it is selfish to waste a year of eligibility that Leftwich would otherwise have if they maintain the redshirt. It is the end of a season where the team has no hope of going anywhere and Kugler has two able-bodied QBs. There is no justification to burn the redshirt. This smacks of favoritism as the coach's son is getting the start ahead of Simpson. And I also agree that Sullivan would probably fare well against the remaining Miner opponents. Bad bad idea. Bad Kugler.


I say burn the redshirt only if this Leftwich kid can play defense. That is where the Miners really need help. They could put in Tony Romo at this point and with their defense, they still aren't winning any games.


It's easy to blame the defense, but honestly, with the exception of A&M and Rice, the Miner offense should have done much better against its competition since the defenses of the likes of UNM and NMSU and other stellar forces of the college football universe are pretty awful.

I, for one, don't want to see the Miners staying in ESPN's bottom 10 anymore this year. The Miners need an injection of something, and maybe the new QB will be just the thing.

Here's another thing, if Kugler is screwing this decision up, just think of what the next four years will be like. Yikes!

James Harvill

Sullivan last year gave UTEP some of its best football! How soon do we forget ! His first game after being demoted at the beginning of the year to backup was against power house A&M who we were suppose to lose by 49 points wasn't a real indication of his potential.Then making the decision to overlook Simpson makes me wonder what is the agenda at UTEP!


Such an idiotic move by KUG! Burning Leftwich's redshirt with four meaningless games left in an already pitiful lost season! Already feeling the heat KUG? Maybe staying at Pittsburgh wasn't such a bad idea after all!

And to think these kinds of baboso decisions went away when Coach Cupcake retired last season?

Pascal Fortran

Not a bad idea to burn the red shirt this year, and reinstate (on Leftwich) next season. It's clear the intent is to have him start when Showers graduates. Four game experience will be helpful.

If I were Leftwich, and I played well, I would leave UTEP for a better program and red shirt there, unless he moved to FCS.

Regardless of how "bare" Price left the cupboard, I don't think Kugler was a good coaching choice. He seems overwhelmed and the Miner defense and offense are inept (even w/Shower's). No creativity whatsoever. With the personnel they have right now, they'd be better off running a triple option offense, and a 4-3 defense. They're old schemes but proven.

Also, the entire athletic department administrative staff needs to be replaced. The revenue generating sports aren't doing well, and the Academic Progress Report have been anemic since 2000? What the hell is so special about Stull? Why is he untouchable?


There's a reason Leftwich wasn't recruited as a QB. What the hell does Kugler think he sees, that numerous college football programs in Pennsylvania didn't see?

I've watched Pennsylvania 4A football - on par with the weak football played in El Paso.

Tio Tomas

Pascal, nothing is special about stull. He is only ther to keep nastylicio juicy while he rubs the corns on her toes. Stull is as useless as teets on a bull. He and nasty are just putting more in their retirement pockets while the program dies.


What fans don't realize is that Coach will continue to recruit quarterbacks with each class. So why worry about a redshirt when we'll have other QBs in the chase. Worry about winning now so this year's recruits won't be deciding about joining a team who can only say they beat NMSU but lost to everyone else.

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