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Nice to see Kugler cleaning house. Hope they get mr. Stoker as his resume looks really good.

I thought UTEP signed a kicker that will be here in the fall?

That's the dumbest decision ever by the NCAA.


Unbelievable decision by NCAA. Do they think he was playing football over there in Iraq? It makes little sense.

Good that Kugler is emphasizing discipline and accountability. Unfortunately though, those are some tough losses for the Miners.

Yes, what's the status on the incoming kicker (from Las Vegas I think) and the incoming fullback (Lafausa?)?


Yet another reason to hate the NCAA.
Even as an Aggie, It would have been nice to see a Combat Veteran get to wear the orange & blue for 4 years.
However,if this were Florida St. The NCAA would have give him 4 yrs and promoted the story like crazy.

Miner in San Antonio

If I read that correctly, the NCAA has determined that a tour of duty in a war zone, being shot at, and not knowing if you'll make it home alive or in a pine box is EXACTLY the same as playing football. UTEP cannot take this laying down. The Miners need to let the entire nation know how the NCAA has a complete lack of respect for our fighting men and women.


Seriously, a senior? Bruised toe will get ya a medical red shirt and a sixth year. Tours of a war zone gets ya senior status. When are these people running for public office?


You guys will like Coach Stoker. He played at my alma mater, Northwestern State, and was the HC there as well. He is a hard nosed coach, and a player's advocate. He not much at hand shaking and brown nosing, and that was his demise at NSU. You'll like him.

Pascal Fortran

Why did the players get dismissed from the team? Grades, behavior, ethnicity? What happened?

I realize the school can't comment on the matter, but this is a news worthy story. Get off of your duffs at EP Times and get the story out to your readers. I want to know! I'm sure your readers do as well.

A newspaper or outlet should never have a casual rapport with a coach, institution, or organization, whether it is sports, business, or government. In my humble opinion, Muench is the only one w/the stones to write positive and negative stories for this paper.

If you cannot get a reporter to generate a sourced, professional story (good or bad), get rid of them. News is how you sell papers - a story about the dismissals might have gone national and garnered publicity for the EP Times.

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