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I like this guy's resume better then Jeff Chote. This guy has won assistant coach awards and at least has dc experience. Also has oc experience. Seems very versitle and looks like it he could bring a lot to the table. As for Jeff Chote, looks like he wasn't ready to be a dc. He is happy being a position coach apparently. What a loser. Just wish that he would have left sooner. Its unfortunate UTEP went through spring drills. Non the less, looking at the schedule I have expections for this team to at the very least win 7 games. I don't think thats unreasonable.

Joe Valadez

He will not stay at UTEP for more than two years, he will also bolt. You can count on that.


2 yrs is better then 3 months. You can count on that


If he bolts, let's hope it's because he's lured away by a big program. That means he was successful here.

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