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Man are we going to be loaded at QB. Wish we had that kind of depth at some of the defensive positions.

Pascal Fortran

The football Gods have blessed UTEP. There aren't any quality QBs currently in the program. Meger's a nice kid, but should've never been a college QB. He should've been shuffled to a wide-out or defensive back capacity in his freshmen year.

Since Shower's was recruited under Mike Sherman @ A&M, and was Tannerhill's backup, he's likely a pro-style straight drop-back QB. Andrew Luck is/was the same type of QB.

I think Kugs alluded to his desire to run a pro-style offense when he was hired, so he's probably jumping for joy. This could workout! Especially in CUSA, where the already water downed defenses are geared to defend the spread and pistol offenses. A good offensive line and strong running game could propel UTEP to at least the title game and a bowl.

Gosh I hope he runs a 1 & 2 back pro-set with double tightends. Also hope he has a fullback in a 4-point stance, or 3-point with his knuckle in the ground. I hate gimmicky offenses like the spread and pistol.


I watched Showers play in trash time last season, and he has a cannon for an arm--great velocity and accuracy. UTEP is fortunate to get this QB.

Jim Maynard

So, what happened to Ryan Metz?

Patrick Gutierrez

Ryan metz is not going to play quarterback at utep maybe a wide out

Paydirt Pedro

Kugler has already brought in a better recruited QB in two months than Price did in 8 years!!! Awesome!! Ryan Metz will get reshirted, he's not gonna play for a couple of seasons.


This is huge for El Paso and UTEP.

Meger should be a steady back-up or fill-in due to injury due to his previous experience. Sullivan should be moved to receiver or tight end to take advantage of his running ability so he can contribute on the field this season -- not eat up eligiblity on the bench.

Simpson and Leftwich can fight it out for who will be the third stringer or scout team QB. My guess is that Leftwich will get redshirted for future development and save eligibility.

Metz will receive a gray shirt which will give him plenty of time to get stronger (he's needs to pack on 20lbs of muscle realistically) and learn the college system. Metz and Leftwich are the QBs of the future and can learn a lot from new QB Showers and Coach Kugler.


I'm sure QB Showers has that November date against A&M already circled. That's going to be emotional for him.


"I'm ready to show what I can do," said Showers, who expects to get a UTEP playbook in the mail in the next day or two.

I hope that playbook doesn't fall into the wrong roommate's hands. Not that A&M would need it to beat us later this year. Just saying.

Andy Springer

QB's can play at several positions. It is good to have that depth. 2 a days should be interesting. Sullivan will be hard to move out.

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