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Pascal Fortran

That's great size for a defensive back. Big enough to be an outside line-backer in a few years if he can get to 225-240 lbs.

Can this kid play? Or is this a 1 or 2 star guy they're hoping will pan out? I ask because I now reside in 'bama, and don't get to see Texas preps unless they're reported about in the ELP Times.

Is this kid a Mike Price prospect (recruit) that Kuglar will honor a scholarship commitment on?


I tried to find him on Rivals and such - not much info. I don't think he has any stars next to his name. Don't expect EP Times to actually report any info on the kid when they break the news of his signing. You should know by now (if you've been reading for any length of time) that reporting and research isn't really their thing.

Pascal Fortran

Thank you Canaima.

I want to be supportive of the new coaching regime, but unless this kid is a highly rated prep, they may have wasted a scholarship. One can find plenty of 1 & 2 star free safeties and corner backs at 6 ft. and 175 lbs. in El Paso, or within 200 miles of El Paso. I wonder what his 40 time is - unless it's less than 4.6 seconds at that size, he isn't worth wasting the scholarship.


From what I know, he originally committed to Morgan State. He decommitted and is coming to UTEP now, so hopefully that is a good thing. This guy was not a Price guy.


Kid tore his ACL his junior year, so no one was paying much attention to him. Apparently he played quite well for a school that churns out quality D-backs.

Pascal Fortran

Hope this pans out for the Miners. Player development will play a huge part in their future success, something Price excelled at at WSU, but struggled with at UTEP.

I think Price's struggles, in part, were due to the poor quality of players he recruited to UTEP after he went thru Nords players. Other than J.L. Higgins, he never had a real breakthrough player, especially at the skill positions.

Mostly had to due with the quality of tier-level athlete he was able to secure; while at WSU, he had second pick within Washington state for players. At UTEP, he got fifth-tier players from Texas (if he was lucky), and fourth-tier players from California. He never recruited the junior colleges well, either. And, never built up great depth charts, so when a good player ran out of gas or was injured, they struggled.

I'm sure this new kid will do well. Look forward to Kuglar signing more promising prospects. Go Miner's!

Pascal Fortran

What about standout players in ELP - is UTEP pursuing them with vigor? From what I've read in the paper over the past year, Kuglar should be able to land 7 to 10 good athletes. He perhaps, could get 10 to 20 above-average players to at least walk-on.

Tommy Tubberville's philosophy on building programs was simple - win the recruiting battle within 200 miles of your campus, and the rest will take care of itself. Auburn stank after Chizik went thru Tubberville's player's.


Price's recruiting problems stemmed from his assistants. They are the ones that do the recruiting. If you take a look at the list of assistants that Price had at WSU, he had some quality coaches. If you take a look at what he had at UTEP, not so much. That stemmed from his reliance on his incompetent son as an officensive coordinator. Patterson was a pretty good defensive coordinator, and he relied on his assitants to pull in some pretty good defensive talent over the past two years; small but talented.

From what I have seen so far from Kugler, he and his staff seem to be pretty agressive about going after quality players, two three-star recruits already. They are honoring Price's offers, but I wouldn't put a lot of stock in what the develop into.

I'm holding my breath, but I do have my fingers crossed.

Pascal Fortran

Great insight georgeofthedesert. Price's loyalty to his son should be a lesson to all in a managerial capacity - family and business don't mix. You're better off working out a deal with a colleague to hire their relative in exchange for hiring yours. That way there's no guilt if they don't work out.

Assistant's do play a crucial role in recruiting, but interest in a school is primarily directed at the head coach, and he many times has to close the deal with a kid on the fence about schools. Case in point Auburn - Chizik had the charisma of a piece of wood, and experienced a number decommitments after they were reportedly signed. Auburn's recruiting directors (Trooper Tailor & Curtis Luper) were corrupt but effective. I don't think I could trust my lively hood to an 18-22 year. Coaches must experience a great deal of stress, especially since more coaches are fired than resign.


Pascal, a lot of what you say makes sense except for this little excerpt:

"One can find plenty of 1 & 2 star free safeties and corner backs at 6 ft. and 175 lbs. in El Paso"

Try 5'7" and 150lbs.

Pascal Fortran

JAT: What about within 200 miles of ELP? There's a lot of distance between El Paso and 200 miles to the north, east, and west.

UTEP can battle for those recruits against the likes of UNM, NMSU, and Texas Tech. The Big 12 is down, so I think the school they have to compete with most is UNM (Coach Bob Davie). The MWC is as good in football as the Big 12, and if UTEP somehow gets invited to the MWC dance, it's a push.

Plus, Texas Tech recruits Houston and Dallas. They have limited interest in Midland/Odessa & ELP athletes, unless they're standouts like the receiver that plays (played?) under Leach & Tubberville.

I personally feel UTEP should recruit outside the box & look to S. America (Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, etc.) for recruits. Football isn't a difficult sport to learn, and some of those kids already play rugby; so they know how to tackle and block (for the most part).

I've recently visited S. America - Brazil and Venezuela have some big, athletic kids in their national sports system. A number of them participate in soccer, so they're athletic as well. Cuba & Puerto Rico have some big rice & bean fed boys as well. Look at the size/athletism of the Brazilian MMA fighters, and Puerto Rican & Cuban boxers. I'm Puerto Rican, so the rice & bean fed comment is politically correct.

South Africa, France, Australlia, New Zealand, and England also have big corn-fed boys that play rugby. Watch the rugby world cup next time it rolls around; that's intense, fierce, and physical play. It's also extremely dangerous - I wouldn't play that sport.

Heck, the Canadians already play an abbreviated brand of American football, look there f/recruits. Big 10 schools already recruit heavily from Canada.

I bet Kugler lands Canadian recruits out the gate; he grew up close to Canada and probably saw them play while growing up. Plus, foreigners will do anything for a USA student visa and potential citizenship.

The Polynisian culture has played a big part of BYU football success over the years. They were the first to recruit and convert Somoans/New Zealanders, etc., from rugby to American football. Look at how many Polynisian athletes now play professional football; Somoa and New Zealand are amongst the best rugby countries, but there are several other that are better.

I really want Kugler to do well. He gave up an NFL coaching career to come to UTEP; lets hope he embraces the Herculean task he has ahead of him. I don't mind if he leaves, as long as he has advanced the programs profile. He DOES NOT, after all, have big shoes to fill in replacing Mike Price.

Sorry for the long-winded response. I'll get off of my soapbox now. Regards!


Great response Pascal. I hope Kugler turns us around again.

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