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Pascal Fortran

Run UTEP! RUN! Get your atheletics out of this C-USA ASAP.

The new C-USA is the old Sun Belt conference. Plus, the additions of weak athletic programs like Old Deminion and UNC-Charllotte, really make the new look C-USA nothing more than a Division 2 conference on steroids.

Suggest Bob Stull get with Athletic Directors at Rice, Houston, Tulsa, UTSA, NMSU, BYU, Idaho, La. Tech, North Texas, Northern Arizona, SMU; and disgruntled MWC schools like UNM, Co. State, UNLV, etc.; then approach the WAC about reinstating football, as well as including the aforementioned schools in all Olympic sports.

If the WAC is not open to this proposal - purchase back the rights to the Border Conference name, and start your own conference.

And lastly, work with the Sun Bowl committee to accept the winner of this conference to compete against the 3rd or 4th place team from the Big 12 (Big 12 teams travel well to El Paso w/favorable proximity). If needed, dump CBS and approach NBC or ESPN to televise this game. The Sun Bowl committee has leverage, especially since CBS doesn't televise any other bowl games.

Miner Maniac

You make it sound like it so easy Pascal. Perhaps you should be the commissioner of this new conference.

Pascal Fortran

I'm certain it's a tasking endeavor with considerable revenue streams being left on the table if such a move is ever considered. But, you'd think UTEP (& the UT system) would've learned from being left behind when the 8 core MWC schools broke-off from the overcrowded WAC.

C-USA is headed in that same direction, and it won't be that profitable when they're done adding teams. I recently read an article that quoted the current C-USA commissioner as saying a 24 team conference is a feasible model. Really?! How?

I think UTEP will find itself in the same position NMSU currently finds itself, if Stull and Natalicio don't get proactive & find a new place to play. The MWC isn't going to happen, so they should move-on. Ideally, the new Big East would be a great place for UTEP to land.

The Sun Bowl committee and city need to leverage the Sun Bowl game to help UTEP in this endeavor. This is still a big game nationally, and should be utilized to help UTEP get into a higher profile conference. I don't understand the politics associated w/this event, but it appears to be centered on appeasing CBS. I wish they'd shop this game to Fox, NBC, ABC/ESPN, or TBS/TNT as well.


Pascal, everything you mention is just too much to comprehend. UTEP's only options are to hopefully get a MWC invite, a Big East invite (most teams we already see from current C-USA), or unfortunately stay in this woeful new version of C-USA. All teams you mention about getting out of their current conference is a major stretch and some of them aren't attractive at all.

As for Sun Bowl bid, it should still remain affiliated with the PAC-12 but need to pair them with either the Big Ten, Big 12, or SEC. The ACC is not an attractive conference for fans out here. Any of the ones mentioned would be fine. The goal for the committee should be to align themselves with best non-BCS bowls after the new playoff formatting quirks are set. I am talking about aligning with the Capital One, Outback, Holiday, Gator, and Alamo. These would be the best bowls after the new "BCS". Just a suggestion...

Pascal Fortran

Agreed, UTEP's most appealing option is the Mountain West Conference; however it's not going to happen. I REALLY HOPE I'M WRONG, but the MWC just don't seem to be interested in UTEP or the El Paso TV market. Their pursuit of Utah State & San Jose underscores their position on UTEP -- and that is clearly, UTEP is not welcome. Too bad.

I would rally like to see the C-USA west teams (Tulsa, SMU, U. of Houston, Rice, UTEP, Tulane) stick together, with all ending up in the new look Big East. I believe it's the best model for UTEP (& their fans), since UTEP has a great deal of alumni in Houston, Dallas, and east Oklahoma. I'd like to seem UT-San Antonio go as well.

My concern is that the aforementioned schools will be invited, and UTEP will be replaced by UT-San Antonio. San Antonio is a better geographical fit than UTEP. Tulane, of course, has already bolted.

It's likely that UTEP will remain in the new look C-USA until they're no longer welcomed, or the conference disbands because it gets poached. We need to monitor how NMSU deals w/independence over the next few years, as that's likely where UTEP will find themselves.

The only leverage the college has is if the Sun Bowl committee somehow works with the college, to use it's leverage to get UTEP into a conference. They could guarantee a bowl spot in exchange for accepting UTEP into a viably health conference - the best shot in that case, would be the Big 12 or Big East.

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