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Miner Maniac

"They were recruited as athletes"

What the heck else would they be recruited for, cheer leading?

Austin UTEP fan

Wow Bret, you are the laziest reporter in the world as another site had this info up a while ago. Nice to see the reporters at the Times being as lazy a heck and now stealing info from other sites. Don't you even have a quote or are you too scared to site your source.


Shows how much these two "fans" know. They are classified as athletes becausetthey weren't recruited to play a specific position. And earlier reports were of only one of them signing with UTEP...so get your facts straight before opening your big mouth, or letting you fingers run wild!!

Austin UTEP fan

Sorry Eddie but Miner Illustrated posted the story on their twitter feed (@minermaniac) at 11:02 this morning. You should probably get your facts straight.


Great job by Coach Kugler for already keeping homegrown talent in town. These two have a lot of upside.

Pascal Fortran

I hope UTEP kicks arse next season. I'd like this guy to do well, and this is a good start.

El Paso deserves something better than the Mike Price era. What a let down he turned out to be after he went thru Nord's players.

Go Miners!


All they need now is that badass defender from Burges, Caleb riddle. Then they will have the Burges trifecta. He is currently being courted by several d1 schools.

Amanda Urcelay

Love these boys! They are wonderful people as well as amazing athletes and they will make the Miner nation proud. I am beyond happy for them as well as the entire Jones family.

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