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I was hoping the new coach would completely purge the program of all coaches associated with the Price era. I'm sure they're nice guys, but conformity/compatibility with a new system are always an issue.

I thought he'd go out and get an all 20 & 30 something staff, all full of piss and vigor with something to prove. That's the model Sagan and Brown follow - plus, it's easier to fire guys with limited ties and small ancillary issues (house, kids, wife, etc.).

I'd like to see Price stay as far away from campus and practices as possible; Stull needs to stay away as well - if not, Coach Kuglar should return to the NFL after year one.


I like Kugler, and hope he gets things turned around, but I fear that if he isn't successful in the next two years, El Pasoans will be calling for his head. So, he may be headed back to the NFL.


How darn hard is it to win Conference USA? Pay a 4 or 5 star QB under the table, get a few decent corner backs and safeties, and play ball. Cheat! Because UTEP isn't getting it done the honest way. What the hell do we have to lose - 2 to 5 years of no bowl and TV appearances (if caught). By that metric, we've been on probation for the last 40 years.

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