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“They are tearing up campus, widening Sun Bowl Drive, it’s going to be a mess,” Stull said. “People will not be able to tailgate like they normally do. It will be very inconvenient.

C'mon Bob. You think the average fan will believe that crud as THE REASON why you chose a road game at Texas AnM . How about giving us the real reason (and other AD's have actually been honest about it) and tell us because your athletic department needs the money. There's NO Shame in that, but it's shameful that you try to spin it otherwise


Agree with JZ - just be candid. There's no shame in being candid about your true motives. This is code word for what will likely be a lackluster year on the field due to past poor recruiting, and finishing in the red this past season. There's no way they made money with the announced gates last season.

The A&M game should be a nice revenue stream for poor decisions in the past to accept home-n-home with other struggling programs like UNM, Colorado State, & NMSU. It's a bad business module by a clueless AD. Stull may be a good x's and o's guy, but his business acumen stinks. UTEP already plays soft teams in-conference; they should make an effort to compete, and take on game at least 7 away games with "AQ" teams for the next 5 to 6 years. Build some equity in the program; you rarely recruit locally, so make that your pitch to recruits - something to the effect of: WE GUARANTEE YOU'LL BE ON TV PLAYING AGAINST BIG 12, SEC, BIG 10, & PAC 12 SQUADS.

Heck, if you do well enough, you may get invited to join a conference. Let's hope the hoops team can make up some revenue.


I meant 4 non-conference games against AQ conferences.

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