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I'm concerned about Kugs level of commitment to TX-El Paso. No contract, still with the Steelers, and no plans to leave a team that's not going anywhere. Not a very rationale thinker.


Coach Klug is still drawing a paycheck from the Steelers. I respect that. There may be a few details to work out in the UTEP contract. It also must be kicked upstairs for approval by the UT system (something I don't like but we have to live with it). It will work out.


They pay Mack Brown $6M to coach as poor as he has lately, and the UT system needs to kick around a sub-million dollar salary?

I wish El Paso County would petition to withdraw from TX and become a part of NM. I also wish UTEP would become its own system like U. of Houston and U. of North Texas.

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