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Dan Hawkins is odd El Paso, even by your standards. He was laughed out of interviews in the south last season.

This is a chance to right the comical errors of the Price era - I'm afraid Stull is going to make another poor hire. He should wait for the Sam Houston State coach to finish his run in their play-offs. Did you see them spank Montana State? Sam Houston can beat this past season's UTEP squad. Their offense is efficient, and their defense opportunistically tough. The Sam Houston coach is the real deal - his team played like an SEC squad.

I have no dog in this fight, I just want to see UTEP do well. My kids and money goes to Auburn and Alabama, but I'm proudly from ELP, and enjoy attending football and hoops when they compete against UAB, So. Miss., and Memphis.

UTEP can afford a good coach. They should play 4 away games against AQ squads for pay-days to do so; even if they play a loaded non-conference schedule, CUSA is soft enough for them to make a run at a decent bowl each year. Who knows, they may learn how to win.


Rick, as an alumnus of both UTEP and Sam Houston State, I can tell you they ain't gonna let Fritz go. The money is there in Huntsville to keep him there as long as he wants to stay. They have an incredible alumni base that donate impressive amounts of money, something that UTEP doesn't have and probably won't ever have. Frizt will leave SHSU eventually, but it won't be for UTEP.


Georgeofthedesert: At the end of the day, Sam Houston State is a lesser job. CUSA & UTEP is a great deal more high profile, and unless his wife has fallen in love with Huntsville, TX (doubtful), he's jumping on the next $500k coaching opportunity that comes his way. He can even (unofficially) ask his better players to go with him to a higher conference because they wouldn't have to sit out 1 year by playing up a division.

I live in Huntsville, AL, which is worldly compared to it's counterpart in Texas, only without the prisons. We have a formidable defense industry. El Paso, believe it or not, is Disneyland on steroids compared to where I am, so you know he'd jump on moving to UTEP in a New York minute.

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