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Please take him! Clean house!

Dustin Jones

I think it's good for Patterson and it allows UTEP to start fresh with a new coaching staff. Best of luck to Coach Patterson.


Patterson did a good job with the UTEP defense given what he had to work with when he came in. His "boys",those that he recruited haven't matured yet, even though they were integral parts of the defense over the last year. They will be bigger, faster and better next year regardless of who the coach is. I too think it would be best to have a clean sweep in the football program, but the person who follows Price into the head coaching position will benefit from Patterson having been at UTEP.

miner fan

well with the new landscape of C-USA as well as a cupcake laden O.O.C.S utep better be bowl eligible next season no matter who the coach is. utep has a strong running game as well as a good QB coming back, and some good players coming back on D. if utep pulls a NMSU and explodes like NMSU did this season with their cupcake schedule. utep will never recover. start putting all our money into B Ball. new stadium the works. food for thought

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