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Good luck Coach K, and a big 'atta boy for taking on this coaching challenge. He could've easily taken the high road & stayed in pro football. I hope he has a plan to lure recruits, capitalize on Price's marginal talent, and JUST BE COMPETITIVE. Playing competitive football will ensure bowl appearances, as well as Top 25 status. Don't expect a miracle, but we do expect teams to respect UTEP. Ju can do it Sean!

miner fan

JUST BE COMPETITIVE? i think your hatred for the previous coach has blinded you to this past season, where the team was competitive in every game except the SMU game.


Price wanted three things - to clear his nmae of the shame from the Alabama incident, to collect a pay check, and to make sure his incompetent son had a job. UTEP suffered becasue of it.

I have hopes for UTEP with Kugler coming in. The fact that he has UTEP roots bodes well for longevity, maybe. But if he is successful, other schools with more money and more support will come after him (witness Stull). What will he do then? Unless UTEP obtains a coach who is happy to stay in El Paso, and until UTEP or supporters can pony up money to keep a winning coach in El Paso (witness Chris Peterson at Boise State) then the school will only be a revolving door and there will be no success.


Georgeofthedesert: that's why corporations, government, and academic institutions have successor ship internal controls.

Everyone should engage in continuous improvement, and moving on in life is part of that cycle. Coaching is no different - I reside in Alabama where Nick Saban is considered a saint and pretty much runs the state. Firstly, that's not healthy, and some of the whaco's you see and hear from around here take coach respect to new levels - it's sad. But even Nick Saban, in this ideal coaching setting, will likely bolt for the Cowboy or Browns job soon. That's how those successful types are wired, the grass is always greener elsewhere.

This will likely be a resume padding stint in El Paso for Coach K, but Stull should ensure 2 to 3 suitable assistants are in-place, in the event Coach K does bolt. If the program they put together isn't working, Stull should get rid of them with no regard to loyalty. He stuck with Price too long.

Saban has a plethora of assistant coaches that could take over today and succeed if he were to depart. I think that's what Stull is trying to mimic at UTEP. Price failed in this regard. Patterson was his best coach he had, but I wouldn't want him coaching UTEP. He's kinda prickly and not very polished when dealing with the outside stuff, which is a big part of getting a fan base built-up.

Miner Fan: UTEP was competitive this past season, but was playing backups by the second quarter most of the time. Ole' Miss used their third string QB against UTEP - I KNOW, I WAS THERE. Wisconsin played their second string guy most of the game as well. Oklahoma just played poorly, and with regard to CUSA and the NMSU competition, they were weak teams except for Tulsa and UCF. Those two teams pretty much did what they wanted to against UTEP.


Georgeofthedesert: Price may have cleared his name of the Sports Illustrated account, which was more of a business practicality on their behalf; but I reside in 'bama, attended that great university, and will share that they knew they made a mistake when they hired Price. His behavior would've been condoned or covered-up by most colleges (Patino at Louisville for example). Bama pounced on unloading Price, and would've done so with any dirt on him - even if he farted in church.

Joe Blow

Apparently noone knows much about stats. No of these records would have been broken if Price was not here regardless of his past. To include is "incompetent" son. His son coached many of the quater backs who have gone to the NFL,broken records at UTEP or have been on some type of all Star list. Just as everyone knows. El Paso will be El Paso doesnt matter if God was coaching. Your a city who doesnt stand by their University, nor anything great that goes to El Paso. I live in another city and its sad to hear you all cant support anyone. Too bad you cant be like Wisconsin where they ALL support their football team no matter what, win or lose. I like to see one of you ignorants take up the challenge of coaching. Sorry but neither Kugler, Price, Saban, GOD can do much with a border city that many students nor parents want to be a part of regardless of the safest city. There's only so much a coach can work with and if any of you clueless people knew anything WE all know a coach has NO CONTROL of the kids with talent or very little talent,Thats an innate gift and all a coach can do is polish it but he cant give it to the kid. A coach must work with what he can.Now if any of you rich people talking maybe you can call the school and donate some money to help bring the school up to par and maybe they would be able to recruit "better" as you all say. Maybe you all should learn a thing or 2 and support your city.

Andrew P

Kugler has NO head coach or offensive coordinator experience Good luck to UTEP.Hes going in blind and coming out fired soon. Its like calling my freshman son to coach. He brings on a staff that all have been fired from other schools for not performing. GREAT idea.Big Deal NFL experience as an Oline coach. Patterson has NFL experience..Down hill UTEP goes.Congrats to Price and his son for doing a hella of a job.

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