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I am looking forward to Coach Kugler's time here at UTEP. For those of you dolts complaining, he was involved in four of the last five bowl appearances by UTEP.

1988 Independence Southern Miss (Player)
2000 Humanitarian Boise State (Coach)
2004 Houston Colorado (Recruited players)
2005 GMAC Toledo (Recruited players)

2006 Boise St. in Fiesta Bowl...

He knows what it takes to be what UTEP wants to be. And for the current players, he knows what you need to do to make it to the NFL and has tons of pro connections. Don't hate -- appreciate.


For the first time in years I'm looking forward to an upcoming UTEP football season. Kugler was an excellent choice by Stull, regardless of what all the Stull naysayers think. Kugler is young, hungry, and just looks the part of a coach. I'm glad Stull didn't choose Andre Patterson as coach. I'm hoping Kugler cleans out all of Price's assistants and bring in his own.

To those saying Kuglar will only be at UTEP for a few years, so be it! Kuglar didn't take this job for the money. He could have just stayed with the Steelers for that. Kuglar is looking ahead. If he's successful in turning around this woeful football program into a winner, perhaps a conference championship and a bowl game victory, in three years some big conference school will come courting him. That's just how it is folks. UTEP is a stepping stone for bigger and better coaching opportunities where the grass is always greener. Gone are the days of longevity, or as some might refer to it as loyalty (i.e. Don Haskins, Joe Paterno). Tim Floyd may be the exception, but after Floyd is done coaching the men's basketball program will be back to a coaching carousel.

The Kuglar era begins 2013!


Well stated jUTEP! He is exactly what UTEP needs at this time - to re-inspire a frustrated fan base. Appreciate the here and now, let Stull or the next AD worry about retaining him (if desired). He hasn't won a game yet, but I plan to purchase season tickets next year.

Go Miners!


Good to see a UTEP coach who was also a former player. I don't expect big things for at least a couple years as players adjust to new offense and defense packages. Hoping for a good season, but I'm guessing a sub .500 season next year due to having 7 road games. 2014? Who knows, but not expecting anything more than 6-6. That said, I am looking forward to 2015! Go Miners!


Sean who? Kreuger, Cougar, Kuglar, however you spell his name. What can Utep fans look forward to? More losing seasons ahead, followed by further dwindling fan support. Utep football fans will be calling for his head by the end of 2014! Maybe if your school had better fan support, you'd have better coaches, players, and perhaps a better program.


Hey, David. Go away.


Don't be a hater David? Just because you're sitting around the house,unemployed, and unhappy - doesn't mean you can pee on our parade.

Hold the negativity until you can back it up. UTEP is postured to be a winner. They won't make a BCS ever; however, I'm confident we'll always be able to compete in the Dec. 15-24 bowls, in the least. The talent pool within 200 miles of ELP will always be marginal; programs that share that dynamic with UTEP will always struggle, but can compete against other marginal talent, like that of CUSA or MWC.


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