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I believe all four QBs played last year for the Miners and none of them very well.

This makes for a pretty competitive fall QB race. One or two QBs is going to get their feelings hurt and transfer...

Miner Maniac

For anyone wondering, definitely no relationship to current Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Byron Leftwich.

Who Is SunCity's Next  Resident

What? No 6'5" prototypical QB specimen. 5'10" @185#?
Definitely not a Price like choice. Perhaps a
different offensive look for the Miners next year.
No more "peek" then run for your life style play
calling. Refreshing,...like a Junior Mint perhaps.


A new offensive coordinator and the fact that Kugler is an offensive line coach should help, although the lost one today already. The last offensive coordinator was hopeless, protected by his daddy, but couldn't recruit a wolf with a pork chop. Quarterbacks need to be protected, and all due respect to last years team, the line was light, not especially agile and really out of their depth. Add to that a predicable game plan and yes, the quarterbacks, of questionable talent, ran for their lives most of the time.


All four QB's definitely did not play last year. If they had coach Price would probably still be there because I'm sure #17 would have led that talented team to more than 3 wins.


Bob excuse me, 3 of the 4 UTEP QBs played last year.

We'll see if #17 can compete with the bunch this year. Incoming QB recruit Ryan Metz is really a hidden gem and this Leftwich kid was obviously handpicked by Coach Kugler.

Good luck to all and let the best QB win!

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