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As both a UTEP and CU grad, this would be the worst hire in all sorts of ways. Hawkins was not a good coach for CU at all and it is now clear that Chris Petersen was the brains of the operations at Boise State. At CU, Hawkins was an awful recruiter and left the team bare in many areas by the time he left. He may be able to keep UTEP competitive in the new look CUSA with Price's recruits for a few years, but I would not expect for him to get the team over the hump. I may need to just focus on cheering for the UTEP basketball team for the next few years.


Dear Bret,

Sorry, but you've been dupped. Hawkins is NOT the guy.


This deal needs to get done. A. Boise State is now established. Coloroda was in horrible shape when Dan Hawkins took over the program he had to build from the ground up. he was also recruiting against other Big 12 schools and playing Big 12 schools you cannot compare Boise State to a Big 12 school unless you just really dont understand football. He would be able to recruit alot better than Mike Price has thats for sure. The second Hawkins said he wanted this job he should of been offered the Max UTEP can spend.


Hawkins flew Colorado into the ground. He was successful at Boise for 2 reasons. Dirk Koetter had the program up and running and Hawkins had a OC named Chris Petterson. Honestly, Hawkins is a flake.


I don't see Hawkins doing any better than Price did during his tenure at UTEP. They might stay competitive, but won't be winning nor contending for any championships. Don't get me wrong, I support the team, and wish them the best, but Hawkins just isn't that great in my opinion.


Bad choice. Hawkins another Tommy Hudspeth both are losers !

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