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To each his own. Good luck kid.


El Paso talent can't stack up to the rest of Texas high school football teams, as evident by our woeful postseason performances. No big loss.

Hector Class of 83

El Paso player. No big loss. Probably would have rode the bench anyway.

Henry Minjarez.       San Antonio

Half of UTSAs schedule is division II teams. They win those games, but not with ease. I guess going against The big boys next year scared him away. He will do good playing against Incarnet Word or St Marys. Good luck any way. Go Kug and Miners

joe muencho

bye bye fatso


Good luck Derek. Follow your academic dream and don't listen to these bozos. We will have to root against you though if you face the miners.

miner fan

you people are all asses, except david! it's a high school kid you're talking about for crying out loud!! JERKS good luck Derek


Henry Minjarez needs to look at the schedule again. UTSA has the same conference schedule as UTEP, and just as tough (if not tougher) our of conference schedule. I really love uninformed opinions. Keep it up Henry!!!


Kugs should be terminated if he can't get his kids to join him at UTEP. What do you tell recruits - ignore my kids going to other schools - UTEP isn't good enough for them.


We have plenty of 2 star recruits. No big deal.


Wake up people. Nothing against Coach Kugler, but UTSA has a lot more to offer an incoming freshman than UTEP. Not necessarily a better school (nice campus, but nowhere as beautiful or unique as UTEP), but a better surrounding community, better attractions, more TV exposure, more community support and the Alamo Dome to play their home games in. El Paso is a tough place to recruit to. Better hope that the rest of the commits stay on board.


According to KTSM Derek stated he is going to UTEP. They have him on film stating it.


We all know that information disclosed to the media IS NOT done so under oath, therefore not etched in stone - especially by an 18 year old unsure of his rights. The information is easily manipulated and edited when reported second-hand for the WOW factor; that's why politicians usually ignore or walk-by reporters stating no comment.

Print and broadcast information are basically as credible as gossip magazines and gossip TV shows. Stay informed, but take it with a grain of salt.

John Dynia

Man nobody hates so much as an El Pasoan. If this kid succeeds and gets drafted by the Cowboys you'll all be bragging about how he's "from El Paso" Gimme a break. Can't you haters just be happy for the kid? If he makes it he makes it, if he doesn't he doesn't, but you still have to live your hate filled lives.

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