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Believe it. It is a done deal. Kugler will finish the season with the Steelers. His staff will handle recruiting until then.

eric page

Who is going to be apart of his staff?


Hope he cleans house of Price's people. He already hired Washington State's DC. Good start!

rick holland

Good luck dude. You'll need it. I give you 3 years before this town starts calling for your head. After 4, you'll get Stull's vote of confidence and a two year extension. After 6 you'll be back in the NFL unless you win a bowl game in which case you'll move to a bigger NCAA school. Sorry to be a cynic, but I've seen it all before.

Marfa, Texas

Rick Holland: Amen.

James J. Benoit

Great choice! I wish Coach Kugler well.

This Miner alum KNOWS how bad UTEP football had generally been prior to Coach Price and I'm certain a former NFL player and coach like Coach K. can relate to and recruit today's young athletes.


If his staff is going to handle recruiting he better name his staff pretty quick. They need to get out and salvage what they can of early commits and line some more up. I'm not impressed. Stull probably screwed up again.


Why do you have to be such a hater georgeofthedesert? Just be happy Mr. MaGoo is no longer in charge.

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