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Jessie Moreno

I agree that UTEP could be special this year, but the Miners must get better in the second half! They got out scored after going up 27-0 and let the Aggies hang around until the end of the 4th QTR. The miners could easily be 2-1 or even 3-0, but instead we are 1-2 after beating a dismal Aggies team! Next week is the make or take week for UTEP! If we beat Wisconsin and are 2-2 headed into conference play, UTEP could easily run the table and finish at 10-2, but if they lose, I see them finishing at either 5-7 or 6-6 at most! Lets go UTEP, time to put El Paso back on the map!

El Pito Dulce

Maybe NMSU is just flat out BAD and made utep look too good?
Well see.

Dustin Jones

Could be special ... I don't think so. The schedule was way too tough and Lamaison was a complete bust. Kudos to the defense for always showing up. If QBs Sullivan and Simpson can pan out next season with the weaker schedule, they'll be very good.

Andy Springer

UTEP played well against Oklahoma, Ole Miss and Wisconsin. They are all going bowling. UTEP had a chance to win all three ball games. Unfortunately as the season progressed and injuries mounted, UPEP lost some close games they could have won. Mike Price upgraded the recruiting at UTEP. A new coach may have a real nucleus to start with next year. Good players are coming back.

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