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Will Charlotte and ODU be members in 2014? Or is it football only that they are waiting until 2015?

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UTEP Hulk, both Charlotte & ODU will be members after this upcoming season ends. Their first conference tournament will be here in El Paso. They will be full-time members in 2015 when football moves up from the FCS. That means all 6 new schools joining the conference will be able to play in the conference tournament. All that depends now is whether the format is 12 or 14 teams like Joe alluded to.

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Maybe the last 4 teams should have play ins, to face the top two teams.


Or you could give the top 2 teams a first round bye and have the remaining 12 teams narrow the field down to 8 in the opening round, like so:

Opening Round (1 & 2 have byes)
3 vs 14
4 vs 13
5 vs 12
6 vs 11
7 vs 10
8 vs 9

Second round
1 vs 8/9 winner
4/13 winner vs 5/12 winner

3/14 vs 6/11 winner
2 vs 7/10 winner

... and so forth


Ali Capobianco Sr.I Would like to thank Kathy Schwartz for all the hard work she has done for this club.especialy with all the pictures that she took for all of our Kids.And the work her an her hubesn Brian has done for our club .Thank you guys so much.You guys are the best ..

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