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I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!


Good Day from the heart of Big 12 country.

Tues morning the local sports radio station was having a discussion concerning the FB schedule for the Big12, it seemed that WV had finally completed all the legal issues and would be ready to join the Big12 next yr and TCU had been on the schedule as an OOC game but now they are members as well, this created a slight issue with the schedule and the question was "Who will OU open with now?" well I answered and said how about UTEP, we need a home opener, you guys can take a trip to the Sun City, it'll be good for you.

Well what do you know, someone else must have been listening...



Sounds like Tulsa's schedule from last year!


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Well I think that most of the people can have expectation about it but at least they can dream that Oklahoma will be there.

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