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Didn't Eric Price recently accept the OC position with the new staff at Tulane? He would be a good hire and coach in waiting for UTEP but I believe they would have to pry him away from the Green Wave first.


Coach price should fire the worthless defensive coach, Patterson!
UTEP is still mired in mediocrity at best on defense. UTEP players can't tackle, block or defend the pass or the run, against any opponent!
Players play out of position, they are easily faked out and they tackle each other rather than their opponents!


UTEP has poor technique on defense. Effort has never been a problem, but poor tackling has been. The biggest problem I see is being out of position and leaving their feet to make a tackle. When a player dives to make a tackle, most don't make the tackle. Tackling drills are an everyday drill. A player learns by doing. Coach Patterson did improve the defense, but they have a ways to go.

Average Joe

Brian Natkin = Class Act

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