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I have been posting comments on this situation the last 2 weeks. I wish Mike could read this. Coach Price Ive been a fan for over 40 years. Ive played football at every level except the Pro's. You must hold your coaching staff accountable! Even if its your own son or your "great friend" Patterson. Defense is the one thing that we have NEVER had under your leadership or any other leadership! "Coach the players up"! I know you know what that means. The team constantly looks unprepared and unmotivated on most occasions especially after halftime. Create some excitement! Get the guys "flying around" before and during the game. Demand motivation and excitement from those on the sidelines. The team gets alot of exposure! I said in one of my blogs earlier, "I live in wyoming and I was able to see the Miners on tv (direct tv) every game but one. You do have in fact a good situation in El Paso, with the small successes that you have had and the people close to you able to participate on your team. Instead of just setteling for mediocracy, again hold people/staff accountable and create excitement for our fans and I guarantee the stadium will fill up and your future and your son and friends future will be secure. We (miner fans) are starving! I traveled over 1000 miles twice to see you guys this year and both times, I saw the same thing, unmotivated, unprepared and zero excitement. Unfortunately the nature of the beast is, since there has not been consistant success fans are not inclined to go to games. Yoou have to have success before the fans come back in hoards. I keep hearing other fans cryinng ourt for fan support. Like I said unfortunately thats human nature. Not every fan is like us diehards.




I actually believe that UTEP will be in a bowl game next year with all their returning football players...

Good way for Mike Price to end his gig with UTEP......


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