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Bringing him back would be the worst decision UTEP could make. Who is going to buy tickets next year? Most loyal supporters have given up on Price.


He's been saying that UTEP will be good next year... for the last 5 years.


News falsh...UTEP will never be good at football. Get over it!

Dustin Jones

I say he deserves another year at least. A coaching change will send us back two years rather than put us in contention for a bowl next year based on who is coming back. The only way to make a change would be if you hired someone with a big name. I like Turner Gill. I think Kansas just didn't give him enough time. And he's succeeded at a mid-major probably in much worse shape than UTEP is.


If Coach Price does not return, the new coach who ever it may be will get a young good team and will come in with his staff and input his plan and will win games and play in confrence championship game and win, and go to a bowl game and win it also. Every loyal fan that gave up on coach price will resurface and praise the new coach. They will not realize that the team that just won those games was recruited and brought to UTEP by coach price, remember it happened when UTEP lost to colorado in there bowl game in 2004 in coach price's first year, that team was recruited by coach Gary Nord and was not able to coach his recruits, If we lose coach price we will bring back the past.


People please. Coach Price is good for El Paso and for UTEP. The football illiterates’ that think he needs to be fired don’t understand how hard it is to recruit in the state of Texas. UTEP has to compete with big time programs in and around Texas for top recruits. I remember when I was a student at UTEP, a 2-9 season was a good season, now at least the Miners are not bringing up the rear. If anyone should be fired it should’ve have been the softball coaches last year especially after 1-22-1 conference record and never being above 500 in conference play. It’s nice to watch a UTEP game when they are winning, but true fans would be filling 45K seats at the sun bowl, no matter what their teams record was, that’s what’s missing, it’s not the coaching!!


Hey "UTEP Miner" got news for you, if you continue to settle for free ride Mike thats all your gonna get. Another year of lack of preperation, motivation and post season wins! I have been a miner fan for 40 years and Ive seen our teams lose and yes, win! Having said that, if you notice this year and the past years of Mike Price, the talent is there but the flying around like motivated players and the post halftime adjustments to win are just not there. That shows the lack of "coaching them up"!To say that we cant get anybody better or at least we make it to bowl games is not good enough. Its the same old thing of our fans willing to settle for less. I agree that we need the support but first the team needs to create the excitement that so many other teams of less caliber do. I played the game myself in elementary, highschool and college and I know what it takes to create a team spirit condusive to creating success on and off the field. There is no accountability fro Mike and thats why I call him free ride Mike. He is happy having his son there and his best friend as the defensive coordinator. Its a perfect situation for him and he is taking full advantage of it, NO ACCOUNTABILITY! When the team is laughing at the coach when he forgets what he is going to say during a pep talk, something is definately wrong. IDEA: Why not bring Dennis Erickson. He had great success at Miami (national champions) and a winning record at lowly Idaho. Don't be fooled he was indeed a good coach at ASU.


From CollegeFootbalNews.Com;
Posted Apr 17, 2011

Spring 2011 - Ranking The C-USA Coaches

"At Number 11.
Mike Price, UTEP Career Record: 169-167
Tremendously successful at Washington State, he overcame the Alabama fiasco to carve out a decent closing act to his career at UTEP. While his teams have been interesting, he hasn’t come up with a winning season in five years and has just one bowl win as a head coach since 1994. His teams die in the second half of seasons and they haven’t been close to a Conference USA title game in several years.
Hot Seat Status: Warm. He has been fine at UTEP, but not great, but he got the team to a bowl game last season. Bowl games are good enough, but he likely can’t last if there’s a disaster of a campaign.
The Coaching Change Will Come … 2012. The Miners are in for a tough year with a slew of big replacements to make and a tough schedule to deal with. At 65, this is his last stop."


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