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From the sublime to the ridiculous?


Having a police car show up to take part in Price's joke, is a fleecing of our $$$.

Nice to see our tax payer $$ is being put to good use.


Just win in Houston, that's all!!!


spend that wasted BS time teaching your players how to win games and score TD's... As usual Mike Price has his team falling on it's face in games they must win, be nice to shoot for something better than the New Mexico Bowl that is if the team doesnt fold like years past


It was cool, good job to UTEP PD where there is some sense of humor!


Lets not forget, that all in all these players are still kids and should be out there for the fun of it. All you haters need to shut-up and put down the Tecate and tacos. Good job coach, in keeping it fun!!!!!!!

a fan

Why not have some fun. Change things up some.

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