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You forgot Boise St. aka, the real reason the Big Least conference is a talking to all these wanna bees.

For years the Mountain Waah has been crying for an automatic bid.

C-USA is just tagging along eventhough, they haven't had anyone close to cracking the BCS.

This is a last ditch effort for the Big Least to keep it's BCS bid alive.
With only 5 FB teams teams left? Good luck with that.


Big 12 should just take Louisville and be over with it. Football in the big east will be dead and MWC and C-USA can stay intact. If SMU and Houston go the Big East along with Boise St and Air Force, then I hope UTEP goes into the MWC.


Why doesnt CUSA just be the poacher instead of the poache. Why dont they offer invites to Louiville, Cinncinatti, and South Florida. UCONN is leaving to ACC, they have said along.

CUSA is now a more formidable league than Big East. With those adds even in basketball.

With those addititons and a alignment with MWest for football champ, it's an easy auto bid for BCS.


I would support anything that would pit UTEP against it's former WAC foes. It's tough to get up for games against East Carolina or Marshall. Does anyone actually know what cities those schools are located in?


Yep, Marshall is in Huntington. (WE ARE MARSHALL)
East Carolina is in Greensboro (COMMON KNOWLEDGE)


@Jake: East Carolina is not in Greensboro; it's in Greenville.

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